3-2-1 backup strategy is a staple of any BCDR plan.

The principle behind this backup strategy is that by layering different versions of your data in multiple places, you’re ultimately able to weather any disaster.

But what is the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy?

The 3-2-1 backup strategy means keeping 3 versions of your data, with 2 versions stored in at least two types of local storage, and 1 version maintained in the cloud.The reasons for three versions are as follows:

  • Your primary version is the data that your businesses uses daily. This is likely your server, or your main PC or laptop.
  • A 2nd copy, stored locally, is highly recommended. This means that you have immediate access to an on-site version, should you need a system restore.
  • Your 3rd version is situated in the cloud. This is your key insurance measure, should you suffer an on-site disaster.
    • Without a layered approach to backup, your business continuity & disaster recovery plan is not fit for purpose.

    And to forego backing up your business data at all is a reckless gamble on the future of your business. Without this procedure in place, your primary device is the sole copy of your business data.

    Lose that? You’re going out of business.

    Backup in Action!

    The principle behind the 3-2-1 backup strategy is that your data is secure and easily available, no matter the disaster. Let’s look at some scenarios.

    Natural Disaster

    If you’re unfortunate enough to lose access to your premises due to an office fire or flood, then a cloud copy of your business data will allow your business to continue trading as normal in an alternative location.

    Hardware Failure

    Sometimes technology fails, whether it’s your server or your PC or laptop devices. When this happens, you risk losing all your data stored on those particular devices.

    If this happens, all you need to do is use your high-performance virtual machine to retrieve the latest copy of your backed up data. You’re even able to connect it to a display monitor and continue working locally through the virtual machine until a replacement server or device has been actioned!

    Cyber Attack

    By using a 3-2-1 backup strategy, you’re protected against permanent data loss – even in the event of a cyber attack.

    Imagine if your business was struck by a ransomware attack like WannaCry – this would mean that your business data would be locked behind a paywall by cyber criminals, preventing you from doing anything on your device other than paying the ransom.

    Our solution contains ransomware detection, identifying which of your previous versions are infected and which are not. This means that if your business network and devices are infected, you can simply return to the latest version of your data before the attack occurred. No ransom, no problem!

    Historically, backup has been a manual process, requiring an individual to back business data up to tapes or external drives, transport them off-site, and repeat the same process the next day.

    This is no longer the case.

    Our solution is automatic and can be configured to back up as frequently as you require. It also gives you screenshot verification, delivering peace of mind and keeping you safe in the knowledge that your business continuity & disaster recovery plan is functioning as intended.

    Neuways now offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). To speak to us about this,
    or any queries about your backup strategy, call us on 01283 753 333 or email hello@neuways.com.