Does your business have well-defined business objectives and growth targets? Are you moving towards them? Then your IT can differentiate you, but your aren’t, there could be problems ahead. If you’re not moving forward, your competitors could be closing the gap, overtaking you, or even speeding off over the horizon!

So how can you seize the advantage in today’s ultra-competitive business environment?

One answer is IT. Your IT can help you differentiate your business from your competitors by allowing you to embrace innovative new business processes or streamline and accelerate your existing ones. This can aid you in improving customer service, or quality assurance, or your distribution, for example.

Let’s take a look at three easy, game-changing improvements you can make to your business with the right IT.

1.   Customer service

Have you considered the way IT can differentiate you in the eyes of your customers, by making life easier for them? It might be something as simple as introducing online ordering so customers can place orders with a few clicks instead of a relatively drawn-out process on the phone.

Even if your business offers services as opposed to goods, you can make the switch, at least in part, to online booking. For example, a company providing an onsite maintenance service such as plumbing could make it possible for customers to specify the issue via an online form and then book an appointment time.

This sort of process makes life easier for the customer and can free up time for your team as well – because they’re not having to constantly answer the phone!

If it’s not possible for your business to make the switch to online ordering, you can ensure that calling into your business is as smooth a process as possible for prospects and customers. For example, integrating your phone system with your CRM. This can allow your team to view the caller ID and any outstanding orders or other matters onscreen when someone calls into your business. This will enable your team to provide a more personalised, helpful and meaningful experience on the phone for your customers.

Before you know it, positive word of mouth will be spreading, and people will be saying it’s a pleasure to work with your business!

2.   Business systems integration

Integrating your business systems with those of your suppliers, distributors and customers can deepen these relationships and streamline the process from production to payment. When you can offer such services, you can become a key player in the supply chain and surge ahead of your competitors.

Your partners, whether they be customers or supplier, will recognise you’re a forward-thinking, “can-do” business, and this will be reflected in the amount of business you get, and the positive impression you make on the people you do business with!

3.   Attract the best talent

Using the best IT at your business will help you attract the best, most talented people to work at your business. IT can make people’s working day a great deal more enjoyable than battling with poorly configured, slow or outright wrong IT systems.

By establishing a reputation as a modern, proactive company, you’ll attract proactive and ambitious people to work for you. Conversely, if you have poor IT, people who might otherwise thrive will be stunted, and their morale crippled as they try to do a good job with IT that simply isn’t up to the task.

Eventually, they’ll leave to where the grass is greener, or they’ll accept the fact that “that’s just the way it is,” and continue to do a half-baked job, which will reflect on your company. That’s why having outstanding IT working in tandem with outstanding people can differentiate your company from those who are happy to be average!

Do you want to set yourself apart?

Does the notion of IT setting your business apart seem completely alien to you? It doesn’t need to be! You can take steps towards differentiating your business with the power of IT today. Just get in touch with us here at Neuways and ask the question. We specialise in helping companies grow and transform with smarter working IT!