When it comes to managed IT services, we are often asked ‘why should we outsource our IT provision?’

Here are the top 5 reasons we see businesses moving towards a managed IT services approach:

1) Industry experts – guaranteed

There are so many different technologies and solutions available to businesses. And with the range continuing to expand exponentially, it’s nearly impossible for in-house IT professionals to stay on top of everything.

Only managed IT services can truly offer the breadth of knowledge, skills, and competence required to keep your business running.

There are business software systems such as Microsoft Office 365, CRM systems, accounting software, and ERP systems, which all require knowledge and support to ensure business as usual.

Then there is all the hardware knowledge that requires software maintenance such as patch management, upgrades, server maintenance and so on, which is essential for data management, GDPR compliance, and cyber security protection.

And don’t forget all the complexities of cyber security risks and how much an attack will cost your business in lost revenue and downtime.

These three main areas of technology management are all incredibly complex and resource-intensive in their own right and require a very specific skill set.

Whatever the problem, managed IT services guarantee there is a dedicated expert on hand to protect your business.

2) Cyber Security as standard

Cyber crime is the single biggest threat to any business and the most important reason managed IT services are becoming the preferred option for UK businesses.

Without every vector protected, you run the risk of a cyber attack that will cost your business in downtime, lost data, GDPR fines, and reputational damage.

With so many cyber security risks associated with all the technologies and data management requirements of a business in the 21st century, the amount of knowledge a business must have to protect itself fully is phenomenal; firewalls, email security, anti-virus, network security, business continuity and disaster recovery, and continuous end user training, to name just a few.

The risk of neglecting cyber security is extremely high, and continuously growing, and the ability to manage this risk in-house is something most businesses simply don’t have the ability or resources to do anymore.

This is why most businesses opt for managed IT services.

3) Easier budgeting

Managed IT services are just that; managed. Meaning you get a full service for a fixed cost each month.

Managed IT services are normally based on a subscription model which uses an SLA (service level agreement) to commit to an agreed level of service for each of the included IT and technology-based services covered in the agreement.

This is then paid for on a recurring, monthly basis giving you the ability to budget much more easily and plan for IT projects, and emerging technologies, with certainty.

4) No recruitment costs or concerns

Hiring the right person for the job is always a concern for business owners and senior managers – but this is especially important when it comes to high-risk disciplines like IT.

  • Will they have the required knowledge, skills, and experience?
  • Will they be proactive in embracing new technologies and processes?
  • Will they have the ability to protect the business from cyber attacks?

These are just some of the uncertainties that can be avoided when you choose managed IT services from an established and reputable MSP (managed service provider).

5) Scalability

As businesses grow and take on more staff, customers, stock, data. and processes, the capacity of technology systems will, and must, also increase.

With managed IT services you will always be supported and protected, no matter how big your business or technology requirements become.

You will also have external experts on hand to manage growth and development projects as your infrastructure and data requirements expand to ensure you remain competitive and efficient.

Managed IT Services

It doesn’t just stop at IT support and cyber security protection when you choose managed IT services for your business. You will have access to IT consultants who can advise you on the latest technological solutions and developments, allowing you to create a long-term IT strategy that will help you grow your business for the future.

For more information on the managed IT services available from Neuways, contact our technology advice team on 01283 753 333 or at hello@neuways.com.