Engaging with a Cyber Security Expert can be a daunting and uncertain task, especially if you have little or no knowledge of cyber security or the wider threat landscape.

With UK small businesses targeted with 65,000 attempted cyber attacks per day (Hiscox) the requirement for businesses to become cyber secure has never been more important.

Here are our top 6 reasons you need to engage with a Cyber Security Expert right now:

1. Cyber attacks cost £1,000s

Cyber Security ExpertWith UK businesses reporting an average loss of £4,180 (Gov.uk) and UK charities an average of £9,470 as a result of lost data or assets following a cyber attack, not being cyber secure is an expensive and risky decision.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – what about downtime as a result of a cyber attack? Do you have the right level of backup and BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) to continue business as usual in the event of a breach or attack?

If you don’t have the right preventative AND remedial measures in place before you are hit by a cyber attack, you are going to lose thousands of pounds.

A Cyber Security Expert will review your existing cyber security measures and advise you on what you need to put in place to ensure you have strong preventative and remedial measures that will allow you to remain in business when you get hit by a cyber attack.

2. Cyber attacks happen to every business

Cyber criminals are indiscriminate – they will target any business or organisation and exploit any weaknesses or vulnerabilities they find in their cyber defences.

A Cyber Security Expert will help you identify your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and rate them in terms of severity or risk level.

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They will then create a plan to help you mitigate the risks and secure your vulnerabilities so you can protect your business moving forward.

3. A Cyber Security Expert can keep you GDPR compliant

Since the introduction of GDPR, 30% of businesses (Gov.uk) have made changes to their cyber security and policies to ensure their compliance, reducing the risk of fines in the event of a breach.

Your Cyber Security Expert will advise you on which elements of your data management and systems are compliant and which need improving. This has 2 benefits; reducing the risk of a data breach as a result of human error or a cyber attack, and the ability to prove you have taken all reasonable actions to reduce the risk to your data.

4. A Cyber Security Expert will advise on policy requirements

Cyber Security ExpertFollowing on from the previous point, GDPR requires a number of IT, technology, and data-focused policies to be in place within a company to ensure GDPR compliance.

Many of these policies are straight-forward and can be tailored to the needs of your business. However, knowing which policies your business needs, how to implement them most effectively, and what additional implications these policies can have on your business are all elements that your Cyber Security Expert can help you with.

Policies don’t have to be daunting but they do have to be the right ones for your business and they do have to be implemented effectively.

5. A Cyber Security Expert will help you future-proof your business

With technological innovations developing all the time, the threat landscape posed by cyber criminals is also constantly moving forward.

Your Cyber Security Expert will not only look at your immediate business needs and help you implement a cyber security strategy that will protect your business in the short term, they will also look at solutions for the medium to long term too.

A particular focus for this is likely to be around BCDR. Some advanced solutions now offering hybrid backup solutions including on-premise, cloud and remote backup. Therefore, BCDR has never been more relevant, and capable of keeping companies in business, if the worst should happen and your data and/or systems become unavailable.

6. A Cyber Security Expert will help manage cultural change

The most important contribution your Cyber Security Expert is going to make to your business is to help you implement lasting cultural change.

End user behaviours are the biggest threat to a business when it comes to cyber attacks. Phishing emails are specifically design to exploit inexperienced and ill-trained members of staff to open dangerous emails and click on contaminated links.

Other dangerous end user behaviour that can create vulnerabilities with a business come from visiting unsafe websites and connecting to unsecured WiFi networks with business devices.

All of these behaviour require a senior level of change management and training to reduce the risk and re-educate staff to be cyber security aware.


Neuways has a team of Cyber Security Experts on hand, waiting to help your business stay safe as it grows – keep the cyber criminals at bay.

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