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Neu Cyber Threats – 2nd March 2023

Irish agriculture giant Dole has to shut down as it became a victim of a ransomware attack that resulted in product shortages in some grocery shops. Last Wednesday, Dole posted on its website that it was dealing with this cyber incident and informed law enforcement and external cyber security experts to help address and investigate the attack. This attack causes problems for some of the shops. 'Upon learning of this incident, Dole moved quickly to contain the threat and engaged leading third-party cybersecurity experts, who have been working in partnership with Dole's internal teams to remediate the issue and secure systems,' the statement on its website continued.

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Neu Cyber Threats – 23rd February 2023

GoDaddy, a well-known web hosting company, disclosed a multi-year sophisticated security breach that allowed unknown cyber hackers to install malware and steal a source code. In December 2022, GoDaddy's customers complained about redirections on their website to malware sites, which reason was unauthorised third-party access to servers hosted on their cPanel environments. During the 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), GoDaddy admitted that the attack in December 2022 was connected to other security breaches they faced in March 2020 and November 2021. The attack in 2020 compromised the hosting login credentials of about 28000 GoDaddy's customers and some of their employees' personal data.

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Neu Cyber Threats – 16th February 2023

Reddit confirmed that hackers accessed their internal documents and source code after a successful, highly targeted phishing campaign. The company did become aware of this sophisticated attack on the 5th of February. The attacker is not yet known, but the phishing campaign was sent to employees with persuasive prompts that took them after clicking onto a fake Reddit intranet portal in an attempt to steal credentials and 2-FA tokens.

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Neu Cyber Threats – 9th February 2023

A Dutch hacker that has been reportedly stealing data that belongs to over 9 million Austrian citizens has been finally arrested. The cyber attack was discovered back in May 2020. At that time, it revealed that data collected from Austrian citizens were mainly from a data breach affecting the Fees Info Service (GIS). This organisation is responsible for collecting all TV and Radio licence fees in Austria.

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