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Become Cybersafe: Listen to our Cybersafe Digest Podcast

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As leaders of businesses and companies, the weight of safeguarding your company’s assets, reputation, and future rests heavily on your shoulders. Recognising this responsibility that can often keep C-suite level employees up at night, the Neuways Cybersafe Digest Podcast doesn’t just recount cyber incidents – it provides insights and looks deeply at translating intricate cyber security concepts into accessible insights. The aim of our cyber security experts is to empower business leaders with the knowledge needed to navigate the constantly changing threat landscape effectively.

From our IT support base in Derby, we are involved day-in and day-out in the benefits of cybersecurity as we work with multiple businesses around the UK on the severe consequences. Through our podcast, we provide business owners with actionable strategies to strengthen their company’s cyber defences. Each episode involves our hosts discussing practical steps and tips meticulously crafted to elevate your cyber security posture. Read on to learn more about what companies and higher level managers can learn from our Cybersafe podcast. New episodes are released every Thursday and are available on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube Music. Remember to subscribe!

Ep 31 – The IT Nation Episode

Our hosts, Toby & Martin, provide insights from the ConnectWise IT Nation event and discuss the implications of artificial intelligence, focusing on its potential dangers and associated security risks. Tune in to stay informed and enhance your cyber security knowledge.

We also talk about what AI programmes might not be ready due to a lack of Cyber Security knowledge. Don’t be fooled into thinking AI will save your business time, without signing up for correct security protocols. Read up on our Managed Cyber Security services and advice on Artificial Intelligence here.

Ep 30 – The Cyber Attacks Episode

Three large organisations were under the microscope this week as they had multiple data breaches which occurred as the result of a Cyber attack. So in this episode, Martin and Toby discussed the severity of the attacks, as well as the issues which have arisen from the attacks.

Despite the businesses involved having robust cyber security protocols and frameworks in place, it was the supply chain which saw the companies suffer the data breaches. Listen to the Cyber Attacks podcast to find out which firms were affected and how the cyber attacks occurred.

Ep 29 – The WatchGuard Partner Episode

This week saw Toby head abroad to Amsterdam to take part in the WatchGuard Partner Conference. In the podcast, Toby discusses the various aspects of the technology being introduced by WatchGuard and how cyber security benefits businesses to the point that they can protect their data and grow their business.

Martin and Toby discussed the history of WatchGuard and the excellence of their products, with both reminiscing on the global excellence of their products, whilst also talking about how proud Neuways are to be a WatchGuard Gold Partner. Remember, we spoke to WatchGuard in Episode 5 of the Cybersafe Digest podcast – you can revisit our chat here.

Ep 28 – The Psychology of a Hacker Episode

Ever wondered why hashtagcyber criminals want your data? What are their goals and motivations? This week, our hosts, Toby and Martin, discuss the Psychology behind Cyber Criminals and Hackers – as we gain an insight into what makes them tick.

The hosts explore what drives individuals to engage in hacking activities and identify common psychological traits such as curiosity, persistence, and the thrill of the challenge. Additionally, the podcast covers the different types of hackers that are known to operate within the industry.

White Hat Hackers: known for their ethical hacking motives and contributions to cyber security.

Black Hat Hackers: characterised by their criminal motivations and involvement in high-profile cyber crimes.

Grey Hat Hackers: whose actions often have ambiguous moral and legal implications with both positive and negative consequences.

Script Kiddies: who rely on existing tools and pose significant dangers despite their lack of sophisticated skills.

Hacktivists: driven by political or social motivations.

We also examine the social engineering aspect, highlighting how hackers exploit human psychology through various techniques. As with every episode, Toby and Martin provide examples of common tactics and tips on how to guard against them. Lastly, we analyse the broader implications of hacking on businesses, governments, and individuals, discussing the psychological, financial, and reputational impacts on victims.

Ep 27 – The IT Budgeting Episode

This episode sees Martin, Managing Director of Neuways, discuss the benefits of having an IT budget. How should your company budget? Should you separate your budgets? Is Cyber Security part of an IT budget?

All these questions are answered by Martin & Toby as they discuss how Information Technology and the digital landscape has changed. Businesses now need to budget for worst case scenario, with the rise of cyber crime now a new battle that every company is facing.

Listen to their experiences and discuss what the best options are for your company.

Head over to to find out more.

Ep 26 – The World Password Day Episode

Toby and Martin discuss why every day should be World Password Day due to the importance of updating passwords in cyber security. Updating and evolving passwords to ensure they are uncrackable is the first step of defence and security for your business.

Take a listen to the importance of having safe passwords on the back of the Government banning basic passwords from manufacturers.

If you think your business would benefit from a password manager tool that keeps your confidential data and systems safe, it is worth reaching out to Neuways. We can help with training on cyber security as well as password management, ensuring your business is safe from cyber criminals trying to hack into your data.

Ep 25 – The World Backup Day Episode

Martin and Toby discuss the importance of having an important Backup Strategy should any issues arise in your business. There is an increasing dependence within businesses today on digital data and the risks of data loss due to hardware failure, cyber attacks, or natural disasters. For a refresh on Backups and Disaster Recovery, you can go back and listen to Episodes 12 and 13.

Enjoy listening to our latest Cybersafe Digest Episode.

Ep 24 – The Managed Cyber Security Episode

In the Managed Cyber Security Episode, Toby and Martin speak about the pressing issue of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape. They highlighted alarming statistics demonstrating the significant increase in cyber attacks globally, underscoring the urgent need for robust cyber security measures.

The discussion focused on the complexities of cyber threats and the limitations of in-house solutions for many businesses, prompting the exploration of managed cyber security services as a viable alternative.

Throughout the episode, the hosts elaborated on the multitude of benefits offered by Managed Cyber Security, including access to experienced cyber security professionals, expertise in staying ahead of evolving threats, and reduced operational costs compared to maintaining an in-house team.

They emphasised the importance of continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection provided by MSS, as well as the value of employee training sessions on cyber security best practices. The hosts also provided insights into the first steps businesses should take when considering MSS and offered practical advice on how to choose the right MSS provider tailored to their specific needs.

Overall, the podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the critical role of managed cyber security services in safeguarding businesses against the ever-present threat of cyber attacks.

Ep 23 – The Dark Web Episode

In Episode 23 of the Cybersafe Digest podcast, Martin and Toby discuss the enigmatic world of the Dark Web; as they shed light on the illicit activities, including the sale of stolen data.

They explore the grave risks posed to businesses, examining the types of sensitive company information that can end up on the Dark Web through various means such as data breaches and insider threats.

Plus, Prevention and education emerge as cornerstones of cyber security resilience, emphasising continuous learning and fostering a culture of security awareness among employees.

Ep 22 – The Endpoint Security Episode

In this episode of the Cybersafe Digest, we explored the concept of endpoint security from start to finish. Endpoint security protects devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices from cyber threats.

It differs from traditional network security by focusing on individual devices rather than the entire network. We discussed the significance of endpoint security for businesses of all sizes, emphasising its role in safeguarding sensitive data and preventing cyber attacks.

Various cyber security threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware, were identified as targets of endpoint security solutions. Implementing effective endpoint security measures involves initial steps such as assessing the business’s needs, investing in appropriate tools, and educating employees about cybersecurity best practices.

While implementing robust endpoint security may incur initial costs, it is crucial for safeguarding business operations and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations. Choosing the right endpoint security tools can take time and effort due to the abundance of options available. Business owners must consider factors such as functionality, scalability, and compatibility with existing systems when selecting a solution.

Furthermore, compliance with data protection and privacy regulations is facilitated through proper endpoint security measures. Employee behaviour also plays a significant role in endpoint security, highlighting the importance of ongoing education and training initiatives.

Looking towards the future, businesses must ensure that their endpoint security evolves to combat emerging cyber threats effectively. Metrics and indicators such as threat detection rates and incident response times can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of endpoint security measures.

Lastly, the Endpoint Security episode concludes with the Acronym of the Week: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), emphasising the need for a centralised approach to managing and securing all endpoint devices within an organisation.

Ep 21 – The Cyber Essentials Episode

This week, the Cybersafe Podcast is your Guide to Cyber Essentials.

In this latest episode, our hosts Martin and Toby unravel the complexities of Cyber Essentials, a pivotal certification designed to protect businesses from cyber threats. With a clear, step-by-step guide, they walk you through the process of obtaining these essential badges of cyber security.

Inside Episode 21:

• Understanding Cyber Essentials: Learn what this certification means for your business’s security.

• Certification Steps: A straightforward guide to achieving Cyber Essentials.

• Key Protection Areas: Explore the five critical elements of cyber defence

• Cyber Essentials Plus: Discover the benefits and verification process of this advanced certification.

Acronym of the Week – MDR: Uncover how Managed Detection and Response enhances your cyber security efforts.

Don’t miss out on listening to this episode. Should you want to get in touch about Cyber Essentials and ensure your business is Cybersafe, then please do contact Neuways about our Managed Cyber Security services.

Ep 20 – The Deepfake Heist Episode

In this new episode of Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, our hosts Toby and Martin discuss the groundbreaking cyber heist in Hong Kong, where deepfake technology enabled criminals to steal $25 million from a multinational firm. This attack not only showcases the audacity of modern cyber criminals but also highlights an alarming escalation in digital threats when it comes to AI.

The Deepfake Heist Episode Insights:

The Heist Explained: Get a detailed walkthrough of how the attackers used deepfake technology to impersonate company executives, revealing critical security vulnerabilities.

Understanding Deepfakes: Explore the dangerous potential of deepfakes in cyber crime, and why businesses must stay informed and vigilant against such advanced digital threats.

Protecting Your Business: Learn actionable strategies for strengthening your cyber security posture against sophisticated attacks, emphasising the importance of employee awareness.

• Spotlight on EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response): Discover EDR’s crucial role in cyber security, offering proactive detection, investigation, and response capabilities to combat endpoint threats effectively.

Whether you’re a business leader, IT professional, or just keen on digital safety, Cybersafe Digest equips you with the knowledge to safeguard your digital future against increasingly complex cyber attacks.

Ep 19 – What is Cyber Insurance? And Can You Get It For Your Business?

In the latest episode of Cybersafe Digest Weekly, hosts Martin and Toby delve into the vital yet intricate topic of cyber insurance, offering a wealth of insights for businesses navigating this essential coverage. They emphasise the complexity of cyber insurance policies, noting that, like home or car insurance, no two policies are alike, each with its own exclusions and inclusions.

The discussion underscores the importance of leveraging brokers’ expertise to find the right coverage that aligns with your business’s unique needs, highlighting how brokers can simplify what often feels like a minefield of options.

Furthermore, Martin and Toby touch on the evolving nature of cyber threats and how understanding the specifics of cyber attacks is increasingly critical for securing appropriate insurance payouts. They also remind listeners of the fundamental importance of basic cyber security measures, such as antivirus protection, underscoring that any level of protection is better than none.

Episode 19 of Cybersafe Digest Weekly is packed with actionable advice and expert insights, making it an essential listen for anyone involved in managing cyber risks and looking to enhance their cyber security strategy. 

Ep 18 – What is Cyber Insurance? And Can You Get It For Your Business?

In the latest instalment of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, Episode 18, hosts Martin and Toby delve into the pressing topic of Cyber Insurance.

With cyber threats advancing in complexity, businesses face mounting challenges in securing comprehensive insurance coverage against digital risks. Martin and Toby dissect the reasons behind this struggle, shedding light on the intricacies of navigating the cyber insurance landscape.

Furthermore, the duo explores the significance of Cyber Essentials, a government-backed initiative designed to strengthen organisations against prevalent cyber threats. By adhering to such frameworks, companies not only bolster their cyber security defences but also enhance their eligibility for cyber insurance policies, a crucial aspect discussed in the episode.

In addition to these insightful discussions, Martin and Toby decrypt the acronym of the week: SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Listeners gain valuable insights into the pivotal role this technology plays in an organisation’s cyber security strategy, further enriching their understanding of cyber security terminology and practices.

Don’t miss out on the latest episode of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast!

Tune in today to stay informed and empowered in safeguarding your business against evolving cyber threats.

Ep 17 – Jargon Busting Cyber Security Acronyms

Following on from last week’s episode, Toby and Martin conclude their enlightening discussion centred around Toby’s recent attendance at the Zero Trust World Conference. The podcast on cyber security encapsulates crucial insights that are essential for any business navigating the complexities of today’s digital terrain.

Diving deep into the zero trust paradigm, Toby offers firsthand perspectives from the conference, unveiling the latest strategies and philosophies surrounding this increasingly vital cyber security model. Through his experiences, listeners gain a profound understanding of why embracing a zero-trust approach has become imperative for safeguarding organisational data and infrastructure in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

Moreover, the conversation extends beyond the conference to decode the newest acronyms permeating the cyber world, ensuring listeners remain abreast of the rapidly evolving cyber language.

By shedding light on these emerging terms, Toby and Martin empower their audience not only to keep pace with industry developments but also to take the lead in shaping cyber security conversations. Don’t miss Episode 17 of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast for an in-depth exploration of these critical topics and more.

Ep 16 – Zero Trust Cyber Security

In this unique remote recording of our Cybersafe podcast, we’re thrilled to have our insightful hosts, Martin and Toby, deliver the latest updates from two distinct corners of the world. Directly from the Zero Trust World 2024 Conference in Orlando, Toby shares firsthand observations on the pressing topic of zero-trust cyber security.

As businesses grapple with the digital landscape, Toby’s contributions offer invaluable insights into the essential nature of zero trust principles. This episode emerges as indispensable for individuals tasked with safeguarding their company’s digital assets, as we delve deep into the core tenets of zero trust architecture.

By elucidating its critical role in contemporary cyber security strategies, we aim to equip listeners with the knowledge needed to fortify their networks and data against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Understanding the intricacies of the zero trust approach is paramount in today’s environment, where the stakes of cyber security have never been higher. Through this episode, we strive to demystify these complex concepts, making them accessible to leaders at all levels of cyber security expertise.

By decoding the principles of zero trust, we empower listeners to adopt proactive measures that can significantly enhance the security processes of their organisations. As cyber threats continue to evolve, this episode serves as guidance, providing actionable insights to navigate the complexities of modern cyber security effectively.

Ep 15 – Low-Cost No-Cost Cyber Security Measures

In the latest episode of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, episode 15, hosts Martin and Toby deliver crucial insights for business owners prioritising cyber security. The discussion centres on affordable and readily implementable security measures to secure and strengthen businesses against cyber threats.

They emphasise the significance of measures like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhancing account security and the necessity of regulating administrative rights on employee devices and networks to maintain integrity.

Additionally, they shed light on tactics such as reducing WiFi visibility during non-operational hours to mitigate potential risks and advocate for password managers to ensure robust, unique passwords across various accounts.

These cyber security strategies are deemed indispensable in the current digital climate marked by increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Business owners are urged to pay attention to the invaluable advice provided in this episode, as it provides them with actionable strategies to strengthen their cyber defences effectively.

Ep 14 – Administrative Privileges on Local Computers and Networks

In episode 14, hosts Martin and Toby delve into the crucial topic of administrative privileges on local computers and networks. They shed light on why it’s paramount to set these up effectively to safeguard your organisation from potential cyber threats.

From accidental file deletions to severe cyber attacks that could compromise your company’s critical documents, including sales processes – the risks are real. Have a listen to the podcast and then consider your own business processes when it comes to cyber security. When you’re walking around the office, look at who has admin privileges and decide whether these are absolutely necessary. What sort of data do various team members have access to? You may trust them as a person and an employee, but could they be a vulnerable target to cyber criminals who are looking to exploit weaknesses in your business. It’s important to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to securing your network and data.

If you are a business owner that is wanting to discuss network security and IT support, speak to the Neuways team – you just need to contact us to see how we can help.

Ep 13 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 2

Welcome back to Cybersafe Digest! In our latest episode, number 13, we continue the crucial discussion on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery that we initiated last week. Hosts Martin and Toby extend an invitation to explore the intricate landscape of recovery processes. This episode serves as an enlightening resource for businesses seeking resilience amidst disruption. Discover why, despite their best efforts and detailed plans, recovery can pose a challenge for many businesses. It’s not merely about having a contingency plan; it’s about having one that proves effective when it’s most needed.

Shift your approach from vulnerability to triumphant recovery. Learn more about ensuring your business become Cybersafe.

Ep 12 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Join us for the latest episode of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, where our hosts, Martin and Toby, look into the critical aspects of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

In this engaging two-part series, Episode 12 places a spotlight on the cornerstone of maintaining business operations amidst adversity – backup solutions. Discover why backups are not merely advantageous but imperative in today’s technology-driven landscape. This episode underscores the significance of robust backup strategies and explores the delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and impenetrable security measures.

Listen to the episode now and anticipate Part 2 next week, where we will delve deeper into the intricacies of the recovery process.

Ep 11 – A recap of the Cyber attacks that shook the industries all around the world

In this week’s episode, our hosts Martin and Toby talk about how important patching is for keeping businesses safe from cyber threats. Patching isn’t just about updating your software; it’s a key way to defend against cyber attacks.

But what exactly is patching? How does it work? And why is it so important for businesses? Martin and Toby explain it all, share why it’s beneficial, and give tips on how to make patching part of your managed cyber security plan. They also talk about ‘Microsoft Patch Tuesday‘ – a monthly event where Microsoft releases patches for its software. Knowing about this can help businesses protect their systems better.

So, tune in, learn, and stay safe online! Become Cybersafe.

Ep 10 – Outdated Manufacturing Systems are helping cyber criminals

Episode 10 saw us visit the topic of manufacturing and logistics industry. Manufacturing industries are increasingly digitalised, yet many machines run on outdated software. Unfortunately, this creates a backdoor for cyber attackers to exploit.

In that week’s episode of Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, Martin and Toby discussed how these outdated systems could pose significant risks with real-life examples. However, more importantly, they provided practical and actionable advice on how businesses could shield themselves from such threats. Whether you are in the manufacturing industry or not, that episode was packed with valuable insights that could help safeguard and future-proof your business.

Ep 9 – A recap of the Cyber attacks that shook the industries all around the world

Episode 9 of the Cybersafe Digest saw us start the New Year with a serious talk about cyber security. Our hosts, Martin and Toby, talked about New Year’s Resolutions, but with a twist! They didn’t focus on the usual goals like exercising more or reading more books. Instead, they looked at resolutions for your business and cyber security. They shared tips on how to improve your digital safety in 2024, like adding strong cyber security measures and creating a culture of cyber awareness at work. They encouraged listeners to review their cyber strategies for the year ahead. Tune in to get some cyber insights and make a resolution that really counts!

Ep 8 – A recap of the Cyber attacks that shook the industries all around the world

At the end of 2023, our Cybersafe Digest podcast saw our hosts talk about the cyber attacks that sent shivers down the spines of many business owners. In the eighth episode of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast, hosts Martin and Toby delved into an insightful discussion about the most impactful cyber attacks that shook the UK in 2023. They helped you to understand the cyber attacks, shedding light on their consequences and the measures taken to counter them. This episode offered a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the cyber security field, providing listeners with an in-depth understanding of cyber security in today’s increasingly digital world. Take advantage of this, as this was our last episode of 2023. You can listen to the episode here.

Ep 7 – Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence – How are they linked?

Following hot off the press from last week’s amazing episode with Charlie McMurdie, we also spoke to Leigh Cockell for the Cybersafe Digest podcast. Leigh is Principal Sales Engineer at ConnectWise and was able to indulge us with his extensive knowledge and experience in the tech industry, Leigh brought some incredible insights to our discussion. At the Cybersafe event he spoke about the warning signs behind AI and how it can impact cyber security. Neuways covered this in an AI campaign – as we help business owners to understand the importance of teaching employees about the perils of using AI and sharing sensitive data. Cyber criminals are utilising AI to infiltrate previously secure businesses and so this needs to be watched.

In this episode, we spoke about the intertwined worlds of cyber security and artificial intelligence. Leigh shares his expertise on how AI is revolutionising cyber security, the challenges it presents, and the potential it holds for the future.

Ep 6 – Listen to an extremely experienced cybercrime detective with over 30 years in the police and security industry

Episode 6 came on the back of Neuways Become Cybersafe Event which saw many of our clients and interested onlookers turn up to see the cyber security experts speak. Our Guest Speaker was Charlie McMurdie, who shared insightful strategies for bolstering both personal and business data protection. The episode was packed with practical steps and tips designed to enhance your knowledge of cyber security and cyber prevention.

It really was an enthralling watch and you can also see exactly what happened via our Cybersafe Event lowdown, which we covered here. The event was held in Derby in the East Midlands but saw business owners interested in cyber security travel a long way to ensure that they could future proof their business.

Ep 5 – Neuways spoke to the experts from WatchGuard

We were thrilled about the Cybersafe Digest Podcast as it gave us the opportunity to speak to one of our partners who help us to provide a fantastic service to clients and prospects. That’s right, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a virtual discussion with Martin Lethbridge from WatchGuard.

Martin, an expert in network security, dived deep into the critical role of network security in our digital world. He shed light on the nuanced differences between firewalls, simplifying these complex concepts for all our listeners.

If you missed it on our emails or social media platforms, you can tune in now to catch this insightful conversation and stay one step ahead in your cyber security knowledge! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and key takeaways using #CybersafeDigest.

Ep 4 – Why Phishing Awareness Training matters in Cyber Security

Episode 4 saw us wrap up our educational conversation on phishing emails and the importance of Phishing Awareness Training. The episode saw another Neuways insider join the podcast, as Kathryn Boles provided her insight into the challenges that businesses face and what IT support teams can offer to help companies manage their cyber security and protect the growth of their business. Her main focus is discussing when new employees are so eager to impress, they will respond to any task or any email without a second thought as to who it may have come from. If you are a business owner taking on new employees, this is an episode you will not want to miss.

It’s always useful for business to hear first-hand what it is like to work with outsourced IT support companies like Neuways. Kat discusses what the experts are looking for, and also discusses why Derby-based Neuways are able to work with clients all over the UK.

Ep 3 – Neuways approach to Managed Cyber Security – Behind the scenes

Episode 3 of the Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast introduced Neuways’ Derby-based Ash Lawson, the Senior Account Manager at Neuways, as our special guest. You can still tune in to CyberSafe Digest Weekly Podcast Episode 3 now and provide yourself with the knowledge to stay one step ahead of the cyber threats that are occurring on a weekly basis in the UK.

Ash talks about the concerns of customers that he often talks to with regards to the cyber threats that are affecting businesses and employees. Via our Neuways Managed Cyber Security service, our team is able to respond, detect and assist with putting in the right cyber security frameworks and defences that are required to enhance the growth of your business.

Ep 2 – Phishing Awareness Training to avoid Phishing Spam

Episode 2 of our Cybersafe Digest podcast saw our hosts cover Phishing Awareness Training – an important aspect of Managed Cyber Security but also Managed IT Support. Our Managing Director and podcast host, Martin Roberts, along with co-host Toby Stephenson explain the dangers of phishing campaigns and explain why Christmas time is particularly lucrative for hackers! Listen here to the Neuways Cybersafe Digest podcast, recorded in Derby.

Summary of the Cybersafe episode

Perhaps one element of cyber security that often gets caught up with IT support is how to manage emails and spot a phishing email. Internally, it is a common assumption amongst businesses that employees should always respond to emails that appear to come from their manager. However, this is not the case. Cyber criminals have adapted to the technology era by impersonating managers and sending emails to new employees introducing themselves. Now, this might seem like something that is easy to spot, but you would be surprised. Multiple businesses have been caught out and lost a lot of money due to to phishing attacks.

Ep 1 – Introduction to helping your business improve Cyber Security

Episode 1 of our Cybersafe Digest Weekly Podcast saw the hosts introduce themselves and discuss the recent cyber threats and cyber security threats from around the UK. With each instalment, we always discuss the latest cyber attacks, offering invaluable insights to secure your business data against these looming threats. If you want to catch up with the introduction and start from the beginning, click here as we delivered business owners with practical steps and tips to improve your Managed cyber security defences with Neuways’ extensive Cybersafe combination of security frameworks.

Contact Neuways for help with Managed Cyber Security and Managed IT Support

If you are a business owner or Manager who is in control of your budget and IT support, we’d love to hear from you at Neuways. We can help reach out to your decision makers to help them understand the importance of improving and enhancing cyber security – whilst maximising and improving your budget to protect your data. Our job is to help you enhance your business growth.

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