Amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous businesses faced the choice of either shutting down operations or transitioning to remote work setups for their staff. As lockdown measures have eased, many companies have adopted remote work options, incorporating hybrid work models. For HR Managers and C-suite level officers, this caused a logistical nightmare as even though some way productivity increased, business cohesion definitely dropped. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central go a long way to providing managers and team leaders with the level of efficiency that helps their business to thrive. So what are the ideal business solutions that help companies across the UK to boost communication and efficiency.

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Industries like manufacturing and distribution, previously sceptical about remote work feasibility due to the nature of their operations, now find that ERP systems, integrated into their workflows with continuous improvement strategies, facilitate flexible operations. Below, we talk about the top five ways an ERP system can aid remote work.

Instant Access to Company Information

ERP solutions enable remote functionality for customer service, order processing, purchasing, and accounting teams. With ERP, employees access real-time data remotely, eliminating the necessity of being physically present. This seamless access empowers teams to carry out their tasks from home while staying connected to daily operations. Neuways help to implement Business Central into your business so that you can improve efficiency and communication within your business.

A Business System That Minimises Miscommunication

During the pandemic’s onset, business owners grappled with reducing miscommunication risks among remote employees, as digital communication often fell short compared to face-to-face interactions. ERP systems streamline business update sharing, reducing unnecessary dialogue. Authorised employees can input and access shared databases via the system, ensuring consistent access to the latest information, thus keeping all employees aligned in task execution. By minimising miscommunication, Neuways are able to help you change the direction of your business in a positive sense.

Business Solutions That Enhance Speed and Accuracy

Rather than relying on verbal or digital communication for inter-departmental information exchange, ERP software fosters productivity and efficiency by enabling real-time visibility into other teams’ work across the company. This collaborative workflow adjustment enhances speed and accuracy regardless of employees’ physical locations. Neuways recently produced an article on things to consider when allowing remote employees in your business, and Business Central is just one of the ideal business systems and solutions that will improve your company.

ERP Implementation That Facilitates Scalability

Remote work adoption by many businesses translates to significant overhead savings, particularly on office space expenses. ERP systems facilitate capitalisation on these savings, allowing remote teams to expand swiftly. These systems can be easily scaled up or down as needed, aiding in quick recruitment decisions during demand spikes and streamlined operations adjustments during seasonal peaks.

Ability To Streamline Supervision

With time often a constraint for managers and department heads, ERP systems offer remote working capabilities, granting complete oversight over team activities and real-time access to company data. Additionally, supervisory tools aid in monitoring remote employee productivity and efficiency.

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