neuvue360: Business Analytics and Visual Management

Where customer experience meets
business intelligence

neuvue360 is a suite of tools developed in-house by our business software experts to streamline the customer journey. neuvue360 makes it as easy as possible for your customers to access your services whilst giving you in-depth intelligence about how you provide your services. This software is essential for any organisation where customer interaction is the cornerstone of your business.

At the heart of this suite is a VOIP-based phone system provided by 3CX. Built around the 3CX phone system is a network of value-add modules that display detailed caller information and enable enhanced resource management.

These modules are what make neuvue360 what it is.

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neuvue360: The Next Evolution in Managed Services

Where Customer Experience Meets Business Intelligence

neuvue360 offers both operational and strategic benefits to your business.

By generating a bespoke customer portfolio, neuvue360 can export customer data directly to your call handlers, helping aid your customers’ requirements at every touch point.

neuvue360’s business intelligence (BI) tools offer excellent strategic benefits to key stakeholders in your business, from customer-facing staff and team leaders through to managers and board-level decision makers.

Whether it’s planning staff availability, identifying customer habits over time, tracking staff performance, or identifying trends or inefficiencies – neuvue360 can deliver truly actionable intelligence for your business.

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Why Implement neuvue360 for your MSP?

Why Neuways?

Our ethos has always been focused on finding technological solutions to business problems. neuvue360 is the culmination of this ambition.

Our background, as part of the Neu Group, is in business systems (ERP, specifically). This is why the technology experts at Neuways created a software solution that solved the biggest challenges that we faced as a managed service provider.

Neuways has since been named one of the best managed IT companies in Britain. Now, we would like to share our knowledge with you.

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