Protect Your Business: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Reality

Neuways’ Managing Director, Martin Roberts, and Chief Executive Officer, Toby Stephenson talk about the importance of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning for SMEs and what to look out for when choosing the right solution for your business.

“There are some really great take-aways from this webinar.”

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9 Threats to your Business Continuity

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans from Neuways can help you recover from devastating disasters.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions allow your business to avoid costly downtime and remain operational whether a flood, cyber attack, or hardware failure occurs.

90% of businesses without a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan don’t recover from a disaster – don’t become the next victim.

Datto Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution Products

Datto Alto

Effortlessly Protect Data
and Systems

Datto ALTO is a small – but powerful – business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built for MSPs to minimise downtime and to efficiently prevent data loss for their small business customers.

Datto Siris

Powerful Business Continuity for Small Environments

Datto SIRIS is a reliable, all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built for MSPs to prevent data loss and minimise downtime for clients, while building margins to expand their own business.

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Data stored on a device such as your PC, laptop, or server is typically your primary source of data. This is the data you work with on a daily basis.

In addition to this primary version, you will require two additional copies. Failure to do this means that your primary version will be the only copy of your data.

Lose that? You could be going out of business.

Two of the three versions must be maintained on-site in separate storage locations.

For example, in addition to the primary version of your data (typically stored on a PC, laptop, or server) Neuways will install a Datto backup appliance which will house the second version of your business data.

This backup appliance will replicate your business server or device and delivers instant access to the latest local version of your data, should your business be hit by a disaster.

Finally, to cover all bases, Neuways recommends an off-site version of your data, maintained in the cloud.

With your business data stored securely in the cloud, your business is protected against any on-site disasters that could diminish access to the local versions of your data. For example, if you suffer a workplace fire or flood, all of your business data remains easily accessible in an off-site cloud location.

This cloud version can be downloaded to any machine in your alternative working location, keeping your business trading no matter the disaster.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

For a fixed monthly charge we will ensure that your business data will be available following a disaster, keeping your business running as normal with minimal downtime.

We work alongside your internal IT function or MSP to restore the latest version of your data without affecting your IT systems.

Backups are made every hour to reduce downtime and our Business Continuity Experts will restore the latest version in less than an hour, typically within 15 minutes.

DRaas in Action

Office fire? Neuways will recover your data from the cloud and restore it to a device in your new location.

Server failure? Your local high-performance BCDR appliance can be used to both back up your data and as your server until you source a replacement.

Ransomware attack? We will restore your data to the latest version prior to the attack, reducing the impact and giving you access to your data.

What our customers say:

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Neuways for a company’s IT support and data back up plans. They are sufficiently large enough to cope with most sized companies and do it well.

– Mick Clark, Managing Director

If we didn’t have the Datto recovery device, it is estimated that we would have been down for at least 3 working days whilst we found and installed a replacement server. This downtime would have had a circa £600k negative effect on the business, which for any company can be detrimental to survival.

– Jess Reynolds, Executive Assistant

Everything was communicated and clear. We went through all options available to us for our new environment, and we received advice and guidance on what would be best for our business based on our requirements and budgets.

– Mark Penprase, 361 Degrees

“Neuways were able to demonstrate how their expertise in managed IT support services could benefit our business while sharing aligned values such as honesty and integrity. The team at Neuways have understood what is important to MIDFIX and developed a service to support our needs. Their people make the difference, providing expertise with a high level of customer service.”

Paul Brough, Operations Manager, MIDFIX

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