A .N. Wallis

IT MSP case study: A.N.Wallis & Co Ltd

A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd have been trading for 75 years, having been established in 1946. The Nottinghamshire business is a world-leading manufacturer of earthing, lightning protection, exothermic welding and surge protection products, as well as offering expert design services for earthing and lightning systems.

As a market leader in their industry, A. N. Wallis are a proactive company and were aware of the threats and huge negative impact cyber crime could have on their business. Cyber security was already on the “to do” list but as more customers and suppliers were talking to them about their cyber security measures, it led to an increased awareness of the potential threats and significant impacts cyber crime could have on their business.

“Neuways have helped us to highlight areas that needed improvement and given us guidance on ways to carry out these improvements.”

– A. N. Wallis

“The service from Neuways has been fantastic. They are always available to answers our queries and give advice and guidance where needed.

“There is a tangible difference within the business now, with a feeling of awareness around cyber security having greatly improved as a result of the new processes that were implemented.

“We would definitely recommend any SME to explore a Cyber Audit Review with Neuways. With the constant changes and threats within the cyber security world it is more important than ever to remain vigilant to protect businesses, and the work carried out by Neuways helps identify any weaknesses so that changes can be made.”

– A. N. Wallis

As a result, A. N. Wallis felt their cyber security measures were something to be prioritised, with more time and money invested. The business’ focus was on cyber prevention which would provide protection for their data, systems and, ultimately, any major unwanted disruption.

And this is when they discovered the cyber security experts at Neuways. They were first drawn to Neuways after the MSP held a webinar as part of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Week event.

Initially, Neuways carried out a security audit to identify the existing cyber security measures they had in place. This initial phase began by looking at the entire company’s IT systems and the security of the data held on these systems.

This was followed by active testing against these measures, to see how they would hold up to the same types of attacks that cyber criminals use to infiltrate businesses. This gave insight into the strengths and weaknesses in A. N. Wallis’ cyber security.

The results of the testing proved fruitful, as they were detailed in a comprehensive remedial report which Neuways broke down and thoroughly discussed with A. N. Wallis. As a result of this, Neuways’ cyber security experts devised a plan of action that would allow A. N. Wallis to move forward and take steps to shore up their existing defences which would protect them adequately as they look to grow and prosper.

With the plan set in place, the Neuways’ technicians set about improving the existing cyber security measures as they implemented the new security strategy. This has allowed A. N. Wallis to remain confident in their business, allowing them to fully focus on their business growth, safe in the knowledge that their data and systems were safe and secure.