Armorgrad Case Study Neuways

IT MSP case study: Armorgard

Armorgard, based in Hampshire, has been in strategic partnership with Neuways for 8 years. As a supplier of market-leading products for secure storage, efficient manual handling, and site safety, Armorgard knows the importance of maintaining a high-quality security standard, which is why they trusted Neuways with their IT needs.

A Strategic Partnership

In 2017, Neuways supplied Armorgard with a Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution. This was part of their ongoing contingency planning strategy, ensuring that if a disaster struck, their business could continue to run as normal.

Ideally, it would never need to be used.

But in early 2019, it did.

“If we didn’t have the Datto recovery device, it is estimated that we would have been down for at least 3 working days whilst we found and installed a replacement server. This downtime would have had a circa £600k negative effect on the business, which for any company can be detrimental to survival.”

Jess Reynolds, Executive Assistant

“Having experienced how DATTO has ensured that the business continues functioning, in the event of a server failure or something of this nature, we would highly recommend this as a contingency measure. Although it may be something that is never used, it is far more costly for a server to fail with no back-up or alternative option, than the monthly DATTO subscription.”

– Jess Reynolds, Executive Assistant

Business Continuity in Practise

In January 2019, Armorgard suffered a hardware failure, taking their server offline and leaving staff without access to their emails, server, and even their finance and accounting system.

This meant that no orders could be fulfilled, and business operations were limited.

Fortunately, because Armorgard had invested in their Datto BCDR device, interruptions were kept to a minimum and their systems were back online within a few short hours of the initial failure.

Whether a hardware failure, cyber attack, power outage, or a natural disaster such as a flood – the damage caused by downtime can be enormous. It’s estimated that, on average, downtime can even cost some businesses up to £110,000 per hour.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how 90% of companies without a BCDR plan go out of business following a disaster – the longer the downtime, the more costly the damage.

Ultimately, this disaster could have been fatal for a business like Armorgard, and this is where the contingency measures of a product like Datto show their value.

Professionalism provided by Neuways

Neuways prides itself on proactive, professional planning, and approaches IT with a security-first strategic approach.

When Neuways initially began working on business continuity for Armorgard, they roadmapped a comprehensive five-step plan:

  • 1. Strategic planning – This involved an on-site analysis of Armorgard’s systems and an agreement over an implementation date & time to minimise disruption.

  • 2. Implementation – Our professional Technical Experts installed and tested Armorgard’s Datto device.

  • 3. Operation – Neuways backs up Armorgard’s data on a regular basis, ensuring that if any downtime occurs, the latest version of their server is readily available, allowing Armorgard to maintain business as usual.

  • 4. Maintenance – Any maintenance, including software updates, are covered by Neuways as Armorgard’s managed service provider. This means that Armorgard is always covered, without having to lift a finger.

  • 5. Support – Neuways operates and manages Armorgard’s BCDR device as part of their managed IT services. When Armorgard required a backup version of their server to be rolled out, Neuways was there.

“The professionalism of the Neuways staff must be congratulated; they were able to walk us through the whole process step by step, enabling us to remain working whilst they went about the repair.

We felt confident that we were in good hands, and that they were doing all within their power to help resolve this failure as quickly as possible.

Well done and thank you Neuways.”

– Jess Reynolds, Executive Assistant