GreenTek Case Study Neuways

IT MSP case study: GreenTek

The GreenTek Group, based in Wetherby, is a specialist supplier of innovative, high quality machinery for grass, ground, and turf maintenance. Operating internationally, GreenTek is reliant on a smooth supply chain to deliver an uninterrupted service.

This was necessary prior to the 2020 UK lockdown, but it quickly became essential. As GreenTek’s proactive technology partner, Neuways made critical productivity recommendations prior to the lockdown – including a move to Microsoft Office 365.

This has enabled GreenTek to run business as normal, in spite of challenging circumstances.

“Neuways are friendly and very helpful. They save our staff hours of time trying to sort out IT problems. Even if it is a simple problem or mistake, they don’t make you feel silly!”

Rick Oliver, Business Development Manager

“We are very glad we were advised to change to Microsoft Office 365 before lockdown, Team meetings have been invaluable for daily huddles and one-to-one meetings.”

– Rick Oliver, Business Development Manager

The Neuways Way: Reliability, Continuity, Proactivity

Reliability, continuity, and proactivity are the cornerstones of the Neuways/GreenTek relationship.

For example, Neuways has worked with GreenTek for over a decade on an IT support basis, securing maximum uptime for their systems. By providing support for any critical queries GreenTek might have, Neuways has safeguarded against costly business downtime.

Neuways also delivered for Ground-Guards – part of the GreenTek Group – a robust business continuity & disaster recovery provision, ensuring that the supply chain remains ringfenced against disaster.

Proactive Lockdown Strategising

Neuways offers more than front-line support for GreenTek, however.

As a trusted technology partner, Neuways recommended a switch to Microsoft Office 365 for several reasons. Identifying GreenTek’s need for maximum business agility, Neuways highlighted the collaborative features of Microsoft Office 365, used in conjunction with Microsoft’s cloud provision.

This means that GreenTek staff can now access essential documents simultaneously if necessary and – crucially – share information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And for staff who travel, or work remotely, Microsoft Teams keeps the entire business connected.

Neuways’ recommendations were prior to the 2020 UK lockdown, meaning that when other businesses were hit by mass disruption, GreenTek was prepared.

Because Neuways is a strategic technology partner, they implement proactive technology strategies to support business’ key objectives. In GreenTek’s case, this is smooth, uninterrupted service.

With 360-degree connectivity and continuity, GreenTek is not only able to survive market challenges but continue to achieve key growth targets.