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IT MSP case study: Kingfisher Packaging

Kingfisher Packaging
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Kingfisher Packaging has been delivering quality packaging products for over 45 years for its vast array of global customers. Based in their Somerset head office, Kingfisher Packaging are committed to providing the exact products needed with a dedication to delivering excellent customer services – here’s why they needed an IT MSP that was up to their exacting standards.

Over the course of five decades, Kingfisher Packaging have moved to incorporate new technology that has helped enable their growth. When the packaging experts required IT support and services they turned to Neuways to take the stress away from handling their IT needs.

That was 8 years ago and ever since, Neuways have provided Kingfisher Packaging with IT supporting excellence. This strong relationship has allowed Kingfisher Packaging to focus on the thing they know best: their business, safe in the knowledge that whenever their IT systems need urgent help and support, the experts at Neuways have them covered.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with Neuways and their technicians. They have been extremely helpful with our terminal server migration, remaining professional and courteous throughout, making the migration a very pleasant and professionally managed task. It has been a pleasure to work with Neuways.”

– Dave Tallamy, General Manager, Kingfisher Packaging 

The customer relationship with Neuways begins with the IT business experts gaining a real understanding of an organisation and their IT needs. This is what makes Neuways stand out from other MSPs: by putting in time to recognise what its customers need, Neuways can use its collective IT business knowledge and experience to deliver the most appropriate solution to help customers, such as Kingfisher Packaging, continue to grow.

The last year has seen businesses in need of IT support as they have strived to stay operational despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reflecting this, Neuways received double the amount of support tickets they would usually receive and were faced with the extra hurdle of every member of staff moving to remote working.

IT MSP Kingfisher Packaging

Despite this adversity, Neuways was able to maintain its record of delivering on 100% level of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) held with customers. This gave customers, including Kingfisher Packaging, the faith that Neuways would be there to deliver critical IT support. And customers were also happy, with a customer satisfaction rating of 98% maintained throughout the pandemic.

With phone lines available from 7am, and calls taken within seconds, the Neuways support desk is on hand to offer reactive help for customers in need. Threats, such as ransomware attacks, are on the rise and the support of the help desk team has kept many customers safe and secure throughout the pandemic, despite the heightened threat.

Not only have Neuways been able to provide exceptional levels of support to Kingfisher Packaging, but the MSP was able to carry out a digital transformation for Kingfisher to help improve their productivity. Digital transformations are key to giving businesses the systems they need to support their growth goals.

A terminal server migration was carried out by Neuways’ technicians to allow Kingfisher Packaging the capability to link its many different devices to a local and wide area network. This meant that wherever Kingfisher staff were required to work from, they would be able to do so with ease and ensured the company remained operational without any trouble.

Through continued support for its IT systems, and with its recent terminal server migration, Kingfisher Packaging have emerged from the last year of lockdown with stronger, more flexible systems to help them achieve their business objectives. The Neuways team is excited to continue working with Kingfisher Packaging for years to come.

Download the Kingfisher case study