IT MSP case study: Midland Pest Control

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Since their inception 20 years ago, Birmingham-based Midland Pest Control, has seen significant growth, including a merger and a move to bigger premises. As part of their expansion, they soon began to realise they needed help from Technology experts when it came to reliable and secure IT support and turned to local tech company Neuways.

Following a recommendation from another of Neuways’ happy customers, Midland Pest Control approached them to see how they could help to secure their business and make it as efficient as possible for the future.

It was this open and honest approach that reassured Midland Pest Control that they were engaging with trusted experts who would support and protect their business as it grew.

Since their partnership began, Neuways has ensured Midland Pest Control always had the advice and equipment required to provide an outstanding service to their customers, through reliable hardware procurement and quick resolutions to daily IT needs.

“We had a visit from one of the Neuways Directors who introduced himself and his company, listened to our concerns and the issues we were experiencing.

He clearly explained the options that were available to us, without the hard sell, and we felt comfortable and reassured by our meeting.”

Ruth Hurley, Director

Download the Midland Pest Control case study

“It is reassuring to know that when an IT issue completely stops your business in its tracks, that a call to Neuways results in the issue being put right and that your business can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Having experienced issues with our emails being stored on our server, Neuways suggested a change to Office 365. This has proved to be a great piece of advice as all of our staff are now able to access emails from anywhere and communications within the business are not affected if we experience power cuts or the server fails!”

– Ruth Hurley, Director

One of the biggest benefits Midland Pest Control have found when working with Neuways is their consistency. With most suppliers, staff turnover is expected, but Neuways have maintained the same staff meaning they have a good knowledge of their business and the IT equipment that they have both on site and remotely.

This consistent approach from Neuways makes resolution quick and efficient, giving the customer confidence their business is in safe hands.

A significant advantage Midland Pest Control have experienced when partnering with Neuways comes from the strategic advice they provide as part of the relationship.

This was a crucial piece of advice with a number of remote workers at Midland Pest Control. They were all logging on to the network using a VPN and their router was struggling to cope. Neuways recommended a new router which has proved to be much more effective, and has ensured business continuity and zero downtime. This has been crucial to their continued success and growth.

Neuways continues to support and advise Midland Pest Control with their IT, business systems and security as they look to the future and embrace the opportunities it provides.

Download the Midland Pest Control case study