Texon Case Study Neuways

IT MSP case study: Texon

Texon is a leading, global supplier of structural components for the footwear industry. With corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, it has 5 manufacturing locations and warehousing and sales locations all over the world.

Neuways has been a strategic business partner for Texon since 2006 and has helped oversee exponential growth in the business.

As a supplier for leading brands such as Adidas, Clarks, and Nike, Texon is a well-respected brand in the footwear industry. Big companies trust Texon for their efficiency and quality of goods.

In order to improve an already impressive efficiency, Texon sought Neuways to support their business systems and to proactively manage their IT security.

Future-Proof Cyber Security

As part of their ongoing strategic partnership, Neuways is continuously implementing the latest threat detection and response technology. This ensures that Texon benefits from future-proofed cyber security.

Part of their infrastructure includes total email security. This ensures that all staff at Texon are secured against the latest email-based threats to security, including phishing and malware payloads.

Texon also benefits from a vast network security system, provided by Neuways, shielding the entire corporate network from external threats. Network traffic that flows in and out of the business is screened with maximum scrutiny, ensuring that no harm can come to Texon’s digital infrastructure.

With the latest Huntress technology, Neuways can scan the business forensically for any residual persistence. This means anything that could have possibly infiltrated Texon’s business and taken hold. From here, Neuways can isolate and eliminate the threat.

And with a dedicated business continuity & disaster recovery system in place Texon’s data and systems are secure, even if they suffer downtime.

Whether it’s a cyber attack, a utility outage, or pandemic-related disruption – Texon’s data is secured and available, no matter the location, all thanks to Neuways.

“Neuways being able to adjust rapidly to our business requirements is very important. Texon has gone through many transitional periods over the last 10 years. Business requirements changing regularly and at short notice, make the ability to manage IT processes much more difficult. Neuways have always delivered without exception, whether that be through ad-hoc projects, general development or the increase security threat landscape.”

– Darren Butler, Group IT Manager

“Neuways have a great reputation as one of the leading MSP’s supporting BaaN IV globally. It was important for Texon to ensure business continuity. Neuways have great expertise, knowledge & vast experience of the BaaN IV product.

Texon’s business requirements have changed a lot over the recent years and Neuways have always been able to adjust rapidly and in a lot of cases offer great solutions to issues the business was facing.”

– Darren Butler, Group IT Manager

World Leader in Business Systems

Their technology and business systems are crucial to Texon’s business growth with efficiency and process management critical to success. Their ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, is the lifeblood of the business’s operations and, as a result, needed to be supported and developed by experts.

As renowned global experts in BaaN IV ERP, Neuways’ expertise was called upon to help remove bottlenecks and increase overall efficiency, whilst maintaining the integrity and security of their data.

An important task, only to be undertaken by the most trusted of technology partners.

“I always feel that Neuways have had that personable touch. I am always able to pick up the phone and discuss topics, projects or discuss ideas with them.
I believe this really helps set them apart from other MSPs.
A great example of this is when we had a crisis situation at one of our production facilities.
The Neuways team and I were able to formulate a plan quickly, fly out to the site and bring the site back online and transacting with only one day of business data lost.
Not only did we recover from the crisis quickly, we finished off a long standing project in the process.
This was a great example of Neuways actioning quickly, and adjusting to the situation.”

– Darren Butler, Group IT Manager