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IT MSP case study: WePack Ltd

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WePack Ltd., based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, is an independent, family-run logistics business that provides contracted packaging, storing, and delivery for major companies and retailers nationwide.

As a logistics supplier, WePack plays a vital role in every one of their customers’ businesses. Essentially, if WePack is not at its most efficient, those businesses begin to suffer as a result.

IT plays a strategic role in WePack’s operations, so any disruption or downtime would be costly and potentially disastrous, not only for WePack but also for their customers.

With this in mind, Neuways produced an IT strategy that took into consideration the complex needs of both WePack’s operations, and the requirements of their customers.

Collaborating with WePack, Neuways proposed a number of IT and cyber security solutions that would enhance their operations, whilst keeping them and their customers safe.

“They are responsive, local, capable, and have a department for all areas of IT support and expertise.”

– Mick Clark, Managing Director

Download the WePack case study

A Trusted Manage Service Partner

As part of their transition to a cyber security-focused infrastructure, WePack decided to enter a long-term managed service agreement with Neuways as a result of their demonstrative knowledge and expertise.

This partnership, which developed over time, has given WePack confidence in their IT systems and security.

WePack’s managed service boasts industry-leading cyber security, including proactive threat management, which neutralises risks before they become a problem.

As part of their managed service, WePack benefits from remote managed support, making the resolution of any issues swift and efficient.

IT has now become a tool for growth for WePack, rather than a necessary expense.

Download the WePack case study

“It has saved us many times from disaster, and huge amounts of wasted downtime.”

– Mick Clark, Managing Director

Best in-Class Business Continuity

As a major player in the logistics supply chain, WePack requires nothing short of the best business continuity measures available.

Whether it’s a ransomware or malware attack, loss of connectivity, IT failure, or utility outage – Neuways understood the importance of securing WePack’s continuity.

The business continuity experts at Neuways installed a world-leading BCDR (business continuity & disaster recovery) solution that features three layers of backup. With three copies of their data stored in multiple secure locations (on-site, off-site, and in the cloud), WePack is prepared for any interruption to business-as-usual and can be fully operational within the hour.

Download the WePack case study

Layered Cyber Security

Neuways also installed network and email security as preventative measures against phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware attacks. Enhanced cyber security solutions such as these were recommended by Neuways to protect both WePack’s systems, and the data of their customers and suppliers.

Fast-paced logistics environments, such as WePack’s, could be particularly vulnerable to phishing attack campaigns. A dedicated individual focused on meeting customer needs could quite easily open a phishing email and accidentally release malware into the supply chain.

This could have a devastating effect on business relations, not to mention the costs associated with clearing up the damage caused by malware.

To mitigate these threats, Neuways installed a sophisticated email security solution. Scanning URLs and attachments for malicious threats, Neuways’ email security software filters out and quarantines dubious content.

“In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Neuways for a company’s IT support and data back up plans. They are sufficiently large enough to cope with most sized companies and do it well.”

– Mick Clark, Managing Director

Neuways also installed and configured a next-generation network security solution which diverts illegal traffic from WePack’s network, provides real-time cyber attack alerts, and also prevents malicious attempts to access their server.

Neuways’ multi-faceted approach to cyber security and ongoing managed IT support have enabled WePack to focus on servicing their customers with confidence.

Cyber security and IT management are high priorities for WePack meaning their relationship with Neuways is an integral one.

WePack trusts Neuways to manage their cyber security and technology so they can focus on servicing their customers with outstanding logistical solutions

Download the WePack case study