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Based in South Liverpool, Plus Packaging Ltd is a family-owned business that supplies packaging solutions to companies all over the North-West. Plus Packaging Ltd covers everything from off-the-shelf packaging to bespoke products. They boast an impressive delivery service in which customers who order before 11am get same-day delivery, and orders placed before 4pm are delivered before 11am the next day. Having such a fast-paced business, they wanted to showcase it in the best way possible and needed a quick and easy solution to solve their message consistency issues.

It has been a longstanding relationship between Plus Packaging Ltd and Neuways. Some of the team members had worked together since 2008, when Neuways formerly operated under SmarterWays. Since then, Plus Packaging Ltd has used Neuways as a trusted MSP, always providing advice and solutions about IT and Cyber Security.

Neuways, as their MSP, is continually on the lookout for updated software, hardware, cyber security and general technology that can help Plus Packaging Ltd become ever faster, more efficient and even more reliable. When Covid-19 hit, Neuways quickly implemented Microsoft Teams for their staff to carry on as usual with business meetings and communication when employees started working from home. Plus Packaging Ltd Business Owner stated:

“The security of Plus Packaging Ltd and our customers is extremely important to me as a business owner, and with Neuways as our MSP, it gives me great peace of mind. They are always staying up to date with the latest cyber security measures, so I know our business is in good hands. Also, our Account Manager is always extremely responsive and advises us on different software platforms, and that is what happened when we needed an email signature solution to showcase our fast-paced business.”

The Problem They Faced

Plus Packaging LTD came across issues with their previous email signature system needing to be easier to use and implement across the business. Each employee was responsible for their own signature and trying to achieve brand and message consistency across the board became difficult for their marketing team, who spent much of their time reminding people to update their signatures and helping those who didn’t understand the previous software. It started to be an issue for the business goals. After raising this issue with Neuways, the team at Plus Packaging LTD was promptly presented with a solution – Exclaimer Cloud Signature Manager.

Plus Packaging Ltd

Exclaimer Cloud Signature Manager

The Exclaimer Cloud Signature Manager became the obvious fix with features that enabled the marketing team to change the signatures of all employees and individuals themselves with ease, therefore achieving message consistency and saving time by focusing on bigger marketing projects. They can now advertise specific campaigns, products, services, and current topics, linking them to landing pages on the website and easily directing customers to what they want them to see. Another feature making a huge impact has been the scheduling tool, which allows signatures to be scheduled to change on a set time and date, so there’s no big rush on the day to get everything sorted. They can plan ahead of time, improving their overall efficiency.

“The implementation process was made easy with Neuways, they did everything for us.”Catherine Durand, Marketing Manager at Plus Packaging

I trust Neuways to have our interests at heart and put forward options that are genuinely the best for Plus Packaging. Our Account Manager is always so helpful.” Sinéad Dowman, Plus Packaging Ltd

The Implementation Process

Emails are the main form of communication for most businesses, so it is crucial the set-up process be quick and easy for the team. The team at Plus Packaging Ltd were shown the key features of the software, how it works, and instructions on how to navigate around the platform. Exclaimer Cloud Signature Manager has helped transform email marketing at Plus Packaging LTD over the last two years, making it easy and effective.

The Experience

The team at Plus Packaging LTD found working with the team at Neuways easy and helpful, in particular the fast response times and knowledgeable advice and solutions. The ticket-raising allows them to track the progress and get answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

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