Cloud Technology

Use the flexibility of cloud-based software tools, data storage, and apps to work from anywhere, at any time.


What goals are you hoping to achieve with cloud technology?

Flexible Working?

From scalable, cost-efficient cloud deployments through Microsoft Azure to the customizability offered by private cloud infrastructure.

Better Agility?

Going nowhere with your present technology despite missed possibilities to scale and streamline?

Unlimited Scalability?

Are your current systems inadequate for your company's continued expansion?

Access from Anywhere?

Are you having trouble coordinating your team's efforts both inside and outside of the office?


Establish Exceptional Cloud Infrastructure with Neuways

Looking to empower your business through technology too?


Guidance, migration, training & support for Cloud applications & infrastructure

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Unlimited Flexibility



I don’t want to be tied into costly, inflexible contracts.  

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Cloud service providers offer software, infrastructure, computing resources and platforms via flexible, subscription-style price plans, meaning you can alter provision to reflect demand on an ongoing basis.

Improved Transparency



I’m looking for ways to improve productivity and accountability in my remote workforce.  

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Microsoft 365 offers numerous tools that could help to achieve this.  Workflow management tools like Planner, Project and To Do make it easy to assign tasks and keep track of workflows.  Microsoft Teams centres remote collaboration and file sharing on its intuitive interface, giving remote teams a shared space to focus on group projects.  

IT Support Workers
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IT Support Workers

Increased Productivity



Our team spend a lot of time on menial tasks and end up falling behind on projects.

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The ‘Power Platform’ in Microsoft 365 provide a low-code way to introduce automation to your workflow.  Transfer data between applications without human input, setup email triggers to notify staff when they have a task due, draw together dispersed data across multiple stores to create meaningful business insights; the Power Platform lets you do all this and much more.

Cloud Collaboration



I’m looking to migrate to the cloud but don’t know which approach to take, I need a mentor.  

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There are 3 main types of cloud: public, private and hybrid. As a rule, the public cloud is the most accessible and least customizable, with the likes of Microsoft Azure offering resources and platforms of a subscription-type basis. With a private cloud, you own and control the underlying infrastructure, meaning greater control but potentially higher costs.  Hybrid combines both approaches. Neuways can help you explore your options and develop infrastructure that’s a perfect match for your company.

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