Corporate Social Responsibility

We are part of a wider community

Corporate social responsibility: The Environment

Neuways is serious about leading the way with its environmental standards.

Our £1.2m Head Office in Chellaston, Derby, is fully equipped with solar panels that generate a large amount of our electricity. We also have a unified recycling culture, with recycling points placed strategically throughout our building.

As a business in the IT sector, Neuways has the opportunity to leverage technology to lower not only our own carbon footprint, but that of our supply chain too.

Through using online web-based technology for meetings and calls, we promote a paper-free workspace for our staff, while our support team is primed to make remote fixes wherever possible. This saves on petroleum use, but it also increases our productivity and allows us to service our customers more quickly and efficiently.

But it isn’t just Neuways that benefits from our environment-first ethos. The solutions we offer, including cloud computing, allow our customers to work greener, extending our impact across the country.


Solar Panels
(Energy Renewals)

Remote working technology
(Reducing Carbon Footprint)

Corporate Social Responsibility: Our People

Neuways recognise just how important its people are – they make Neuways what it is today. We know to be the best, you need to invest in the best. That is why we are delighted to see our employees succeed in Microsoft examinations such as MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services, and MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security exams. This continued dedication to improving our people and their ability to excel is a further commitment to our customers that we will continue to deliver the best services around.

Corporate social responsibility
Apprenticeships that lead to permanent jobs

We have a long history of supporting young people through their apprenticeships and into permanent, senior jobs within the business. Whether it’s HR, our Support team or the Sales & Procurement department, a number of our staff began life at Neuways as apprentices. This marks our commitment to the future workforce, as well as providing employment opportunities within the local community.

The wider community, outside the office

Not only are our employees the cream of the crop, but at Neuways we understand our role in supporting the local community of Chellaston. In 2020, we co-funded the installation of a defibrillator at our location at Neustro House. In the event of an emergency, employees of neighbouring businesses at Bradgate Park View, as well as local Chellaston residents will have access to the defibrillator.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Charity

Neuways understands the privileged position it is in and that there are lots of people in less fortunate positions. Our ethos is to support charities that can make a difference to those less fortunate, with regular fundraising and activity aiming to raise significant funds.

We are proud to have worked with a number of fantastic charities over the years. From the likes of Save the Children, to helping support our local community of Derby with donations to foodbanks across the city.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 and 2021 saw Neuways staff and directors band together to raise the spirits of local people. This was achieved through working with Chellaston-based foodbank, Springwater Charity, as well as the Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance in 2021.

Both organisations source surplus products from supermarkets, as well as accepting donations from the public to help those most in need. Neuways staff donated a variety of items, from toiletries to children’s toys and food parcels to winter clothing, to aid the ability of both charities to help the local community during the festive season and beyond.

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3 Reasons to choose
Neuways as your MSP

We don’t just support, we secure and strategise.

A longterm solution, not a quick fix

Managed Service Providers find a long-term solution for your IT problems. This ensures the continuity of your business, unlike an IT Support company who only find a fix for individual problems and don’t take a holistic approach to your IT systems and security – Neuways do.

Supporting your best interests

We can include consultancy and project work hours into our MSP plans meaning your IT grows and prospers in a secure manner. This strategic work runs alongside your support leading to a holistic IT approach bespoke to your business – not a one size fits all approach.

Quick support when you need “IT”

With an average time of 8.5 seconds to answer your call (that’s 3 rings), we pride ourselves with our prompt response rates. Our Technical Support desk of 40+ technicians means we can ensure that your business remains supported and secure when you need it most.