Here we explore if your MSP supported you in every way possible suring the most challenging social and economic times in the last 40 years.

In any other circumstance, companies who engage the services of a Managed Service Provider do so for a number of reasons:

  • Expertise on hand when they need them
  • Breadth and deep of experience is guaranteed
  • Easier to budget for a single cost per month
  • Reduce the risk posed by technology failure or cyber security weaknesses
  • No recruitment or employability worries

But the biggest reason most companies give when asked why they use an MSP is that they know their business relies so heavily on technology, systems and data to operate, even at the most basic of levels.

What Neuways does as an MSP

So, in this time of extreme uncertainty and economic upheaval, it is expected that all businesses will review their outgoings, looking for any fat to trim.

But here’s why we think you need to leave your MSP exactly as it is:

Support is only the tip of the Iceberg

At Neuways, we have a large team of experienced Technical Engineers who have been dealing with a ticket volume in excess of double our normal levels as all our customers look to comply with social distancing requirements by working from home wherever possible. However, support tickets sent into our support desk is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level and depth of service you receive from Neuways as your MSP.

Behind the scenes security – threat monitoring

Threat Report Header

In addition to dealing with support tickets within agreed SLAs (still at 98% success rate despite the increase in volume during this crisis) Neuways also has a dedicated cyber security team who are primarily focused on monitoring the threat landscape for your business, identifying potential and actual threats and proactively advising customers of what measures to take in order to avoid the risk to their business.

We actively engage in automated remediation against any threats we see as a result of monitoring our customers hardware and servers. We are proactively and, in many cases, automatically correcting many situations before they become service-affecting issues or problems for our customers.

Server and Hardware monitoring

As part of your MSP contract with Neuways we monitor server(s), desktops and laptops.

This monitoring includes deploying agents to every machine in our customers estate, allowing us to collect telemetry data and monitor it for anomalies, vulnerabilities and security issues.

This in-depth monitoring allows us to automatically raise support tickets if any of the data points trigger specific concerning criteria.


Microsoft Office 365 from NeuwaysBefore you come to any decisions about whether you want to reduce the cost of your MSP agreement, consider how your business would operate without key system licencing.

For example, how would you manage remote working across your workforce for weeks to come without your Office365 licences? This would mean no Teams, no Word or Excel and no collaborative tools or cloud ability. Office365 is the foundation your business is built on and without which, it simply wouldn’t function as required.

However, as your MSP Neuways understands that there is always flexibility required when supporting any business, especially in times of such extreme uncertainty and adversity. This is why we will work with you to look at ways our customers can temporarily reduce their 365 licensing costs based on the changing needs of the business on a temporary basis.


One of the biggest advantages our customers tell us they get from our MSP service is the support, advice and guidance they receive when they pick up the phone to talk to us about anything that isn’t a support call.

Microsoft Teams GuideParticularly in the current climate, we have been very proactive in ensuring all our customers have the resources and knowledge they need to use the systems they have. We provide advice and guidance with using Teams to ensure our customers staff don’t feel isolated, SharePoint for collaborative working and security checklists to make remote working as convenient yet secure as possible. We also have advice and guidance to help our customers use technology to support Furloughed staff where necessary.

But this advice isn’t limited to emergencies – Sometimes the advice we provide to customers is a top-level strategic conversation about the business objectives and how technology can support them, or it could be about purchasing the best laptop for a particular situation – and everything in between.

Whether it’s a technology project; a data management question, system advice; a security issue or help with procurement, we are always on the end of the phone to independently advise our customers based on our years of industry experience.


One of the biggest weapons we use to fight Cybercrime and protect our customers’ business is to ensure all their software in fully patched. This ensures any weaknesses or known vulnerabilities are repaired giving them peace of mind that they are safe. And we do all of this as part of the managed service we provide, and we are completely transparent about it with our customer portal. Our MSP customers can access their own patch report at any time and see the progress of their patching plan.

Backups and continuity

321 backup

As the trusted technology partner for our customers, it is Neuways’ main role to ensure their entire technology strategy is in place and this includes their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

As standard, we ensure our customers data is being backed up frequently and tested to ensure it could be recovered fully in the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, ransomware or connectivity issues. An essential service in ordinary situations but in these extra-ordinary times, even more important.

As a proactive technology partner, we are currently contacting our customers to ensure their data backup processes are adequate enabling them to continue in the event of a disaster despite the level of remote working and other disruptions they are currently experiencing.

The proactive measures we take to ensure customers have adequate business continuity and data backup gives them peace of mind, so they can focus on getting their business back to where it needs to be in this current crisis whilst we look after their business continuity. Because, the UK will emerge from the current situation at some point and when it does we want businesses to be in the strongest position possible – and that means being able to pivot to backed-up data and systems at the touch of a button if necessary.

Network security

Remote working means opening your network, data and systems up to traffic and vulnerabilities that you wouldn’t normally need to guard against.

Our customers don’t need to think about them now either. Included in their MSP contract, we are reviewing their Network Security settings to ensure only the traffic you need to get through your defenses is able to and that your Firewall is set up as you need it to be to conduct your business safely.

Again, all this additional work that comes with a mass move to remote working is being done as part of each customers contract.

Could you function securely without your MSP?

Put simply, no.

Your MSP was initially engaged to keep your business functioning productively and securely and these two objectives have never been more fundamental to the survival of your business so before you think about reviewing your contract or asking for a cost reduction, think about the greater risk this will cause your business, both now and in the long-term.