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Cyber Security Acronyms Part 1: Neuways

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Acronyms are often used as part of a managed cyber security strategy to enable concise communication. The processes involved to safeguard businesses and their assets are often intricate, so using specific terminology helps IT experts to discuss issues efficiently. Here we look at some of the most commonly used cyber security acronyms and the meanings behind them.

2FA – 2 Factor Authentication

A security system that requires the user to input two different types of identification to gain access to a protected computer system. The first is a password, and the second is commonly a text with a code sent to a smartphone.

APT – Advanced Persistent Threat

A broad term used to describe a cyber attack that applies advanced techniques to a network to illegally access sensitive information.

CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

A tool frequently used in managed cyber security services to determine whether a user is human, or automated.

EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response

A category of tools designed to detect and respond to cyber threats on physical devices that connect to a computer network.

IAM – Identity and Access Management

A practice used in managed cyber security to make sure the right people in an organisation have appropriate access to data and resources. IAM systems help to keep sensitive information safe from hackers and give employees the appropriate permissions to do their jobs.

IR – Incident Response

The processes followed by an organisation to manage the aftermath of a cyberattack or security breach. An IR plan will help you prepare for unplanned events by minimising potential damage and restoring functionality as soon as possible.

IOA – Indicator of Attack

The identification of what an attacker is trying to accomplish and the techniques they are using to achieve their goal.

IOC – Indicators of Compromise

Evidence left by a cyber-attack or a security breach. Clues can include a change in user behaviour or login anomalies and help an organisation respond promptly to a compromised system.

ISMS – Information Security Management System

A set of policies, processes and procedures that are used to manage an organisation’s sensitive information and limit the impact of a cyber-attack.  

ISP – Information Service Provider

The provision of web access to businesses and consumers. ISPs can also provide residential or commercial services such as email hosting and domain registration.

KRI – Key Risk Indicator

KRIs are metrics used in managed cyber security operations to measure an organisation’s level of risk. They act as an alarm to warn of vulnerabilities and help manage exposure to online threats.

MDM – Mobile Device Management

A software tool that enables an organisation to configure, secure and manage policies on employee’s mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

MDR – Managed Detection and Response

A managed cyber security service that combines expert knowledge with technology and tools to help reduce online threats in an organisation.

NAC – Network Access Control

A security process used by organisations to monitor devices and restrict unauthorised users from accessing a corporate network.

PAM – Privileged Access Management

An identity security solution that focuses on the safeguarding and monitoring of critical IT resources by preventing unauthorised user access. 

VPN – Virtual Private Network

A VPN enables you to create a secure connection to another network without compromising the safety of your data. They can also be used to hide your physical location and access other networks remotely.

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