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Cyber security concerns with employees using AI

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Amidst the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), there is an escalating challenge posed by cyber criminals who can now infiltrate confidential systems more effortlessly and effectively than ever before. Undoubtedly, the development of AI has brought numerous benefits to businesses over the last decade. The widespread adoption of AI and machine learning has streamlined processes and enhanced productivity across various organisations.

However, there are some concerns about its use by employees who are not trained in the use of AI and don’t know much about cyber security. If you think your employees would benefit from cyber security training, consider managed security awareness training. Neuways offer this service to help provide peace of mind to business owners that there data won’t be accidentally transferred to cyber criminals.

Today, businesses from almost every sector are keen to integrate AI into their operations to support and augment their processes. However, the positive impacts of AI also come with a darker side as the technology evolves.

But what exactly are the issues with AI?

According to cyber security experts, the cyber crime landscape has significantly changed in recent months thanks to artificial intelligence. Attackers increasingly use sophisticated technologies to craft malicious code and create compelling phishing emails. This is an issue as phishing emails used to be easy to spot due to spelling and grammatical errors, but now, thanks to AI, they are much more advanced. So, how are cyber criminals using AI to advance their phishing and spear phishing methods?

Sensitive and essential AI Software logins are for sale

Valuable ChatGPT logins are traded on the dark web, similar to passwords for various online services. Cyber criminals deploy information theft software to pilfer login credentials and sensitive data, particularly from devices lacking adequate protection.

WormGPT and Other Open-Source Tools

Despite measures to prevent misuse, some AI tools, like WormGPT, operate without constraints. WormGPT, initially intended to assist cybersecurity professionals, is being developed into variants available for malicious intent, accessible through subscription on the dark web. Capable of generating code in multiple programming languages, WormGPT can be misused for phishing campaigns, stealing cookies, and extracting valuable data from unsuspecting users.

Future Trends in AI-Enhanced Cyber Threats

Experts foresee increased AI-enhanced malware in the future, enabling cyber criminals to steal sensitive data and circumvent antivirus software autonomously.

AI is anticipated to facilitate document forgery, raising the need for advanced tools to verify documents and prevent illegal activities such as fraudulent bank account creation and money laundering.

Should businesses replace employees with AI?

Contrary to concerns about AI rendering jobs obsolete, the shortage of IT skills has led to an increased demand for individuals well-versed in generative AI. However, due to increased demand, a lot of businesses are outsourcing their IT and cyber security due to the seriousness of the matter. Outsourcing to an IT support and security company makes sense because of the expertise involved. However, it is also vital that this happens as an IT company can help companies grow. Read more on that in this article on how Neuways provide IT support.

As organisations globally integrate AI into their daily operations, the surge in AI-driven cyber threats underscores the importance of preparedness for security teams. Simultaneously, the growing threats in the cyber security landscape contribute to an increased demand for cyber security professionals. That’s why Neuways have our own dedicated managed cyber security team, available to SMEs and SMBs all over the UK. Vigilance and proactive measures are crucial to address the evolving challenges posed by the darker side of AI.

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