Dark Web Monitoring

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What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web Monitoring identifies whether any of your company data (including login credentials and confidential information) is being sold to criminals on the dark web.

Cyber criminals no longer confine their activities to large global corporations or public sector organisations. The average user is signed up to approximately 90 online accounts – any breach to one of these services, and your data could be monetised on the dark web.

Once your company’s data is on the dark web, criminals can gain immediate access to your corporate data and even auction it off to the highest bidder. This is typically someone who sees the value in acquiring it and who can do the most damage with it.

We use industry-leading Dark Web Monitoring software, ID Agent, to proactively protect your business by monitoring the dark web to see if your credentials have been successfully hacked, stolen or are in circulation.

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75 records are stolen by hackers every second

Personal data can be bought on the dark web for as little as £3!

The average cost of a phishing to a medium-sized company is £1.3 million

Why Dark Web Monitoring from Neuways?


By scouring the dark web, we’re able to see if our customers’ employee emails and passwords have been compromised, before a breach occurs.

Ongoing Security

Dark Web Monitoring gives us data evidence, which we analyse, to inform the security recommendations we make to you as part of our MSP service.

Forensic Monitoring

Even the darkest corners of the dark web are monitored so you are the first to know if your data is available to the criminals.

24/7 Monitoring

With round-the-clock monitoring, we alert you when there are signs that your credentials have been compromised.

Simple to Implement

Our dark web monitoring software is easy to set up, meaning you can start protecting your business and its data almost immediately.

Social Media Monitoring

We can alert you when someone is actively targeting you or your employees’ social media profiles looking for passwords and other data that could facilitate a breach.

Why Neuways?

We understand how important it is to stay cyber safe and protect your business from hackers and cyber criminals, but should the worst happen, and your data becomes available to the criminals, wouldn’t you like to be the first person to know about it?

Neuways’ Dark Web Monitoring puts you in control of your data and delivers peace of mind.

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Dark Web Monitoring for your Business

A cyber attack or data breach doesn’t have to lead to a damaging incident for your business. Proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data triggers an alert as soon as a threat is detected, giving you and us time to respond with immediate, remedial action.

Cyber criminals are constantly striving to find new ways to monetise your data. Our Dark Web Monitoring exposes patterns before they become trends, offering the intelligence to keep you, your business, and your employees protected.

We can identify trends and threats in advance. Our Dark Web Monitoring provides us with extensive logging and reporting capabilities, which allow us to track incidents and create effective policies and procedures to minimise your risk.

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