If your business is the victim of a cyber attack, there is a high chance that you will lose confidential data. This data might not have been the intended target, but some cyber criminals are not picky. What we do know, however, is that you will need to get that data back. These helpful data recovery tips from Neuways can help protect your company’s data so that all is not lost if you are the victim of an attack.

Back up your confidential data

If you do not back up your files and data, then you are at risk of losing all your data and software that you’ve spent years building up. As the years have gone on, automated backups have become more popular. At one point, many employees and businesses were relying on manual backups. That meant setting a reminder to back up your files before the end of the day. Or at the end of a big project. However, if you rely on this, there is a high chance that somebody will forget to back the data up. Although this may seem like a simple glitch, it could result in losing days (or weeks) worth of critical data.

If you complete a large backup of all your data, you can schedule this to be done overnight. The result is minimal disruption. It will also reduce work resources so that your employees’ time is not wasted, and your software is more efficient.

Tip from Neuways: Schedule automated data backups overnight. (Speak to us about doing this).

Encryption is always critical to protect your data

All businesses need to back up their data, regardless of its importance or confidentiality. If you don’t, then you might lose this confidential data. However, your data also needs to be encrypted. Even though hackers might not be intending personal and sensitive data (they probably are), they are still likely to leak company files if they get their hands on them. That is why it is crucial to encrypt your data, especially if you are backing the data up to the cloud.

If you do have a chosen cloud provider, then they should offer end to end encryption. This means that it is encrypted if the data ever does leave your machines. Therefore, a successful hack would not result in data leaks, as the files could not be encrypted with your company’s key.

A significant tip from Neuways to protect your data: Encrypt your backup files.

Do your research on the ever-evolving regulations

A few years ago, General Data Protection Regulation was introduced in the EU. For Business to Consumer-based companies, the whole landscape was changed regarding data usage and data storage. However, regardless of your business, you must follow privacy laws within your region. Following the legislation is essential, and just because you send data from your hard drive to the cloud, that does not mean that you have absolved yourself from any privacy laws.

The responsibility of how cloud storage companies use data is down to you. There is no blame game when it comes to information. That is a crucial reason you should keep an eye on data regulations. Neuways can help by providing advice and consultation on which cloud storage provider is best.

So, regardless of what you think about data protection, make sure you keep up to date with the constantly changing data landscape. Countries will also vary in how they interpret specific regulations. Therefore, you need to sign up for data related newsletters, follow social media accounts and regularly surf the internet to ensure you know what is going on. A good business is clued up, and it is no different with data regulations.

Data recovery tips and summary

Almost all businesses are now built on data. Data can help you take your business to the next level. The issue is that there is so much data nowadays that many companies and managers do not know where to store it.

Therefore, cloud storage providers have come to the fore in recent years. Neuways recommends that you back up your data to the cloud. This is an integral part of keeping your business safe against cyber criminals and other IT-related issues. You want to make sure that your data is secure and recoverable.

If you speak to Neuways and follow the recommended tips, you can feel safer ensuring your data is protected. It also means that you have suitable fail-safes in place to ensure that you can recover your information and data if the worst happens.

Neuways tip: Contact our sales team or consultants. Our friendly team can help you with all things data security, as well as any other IT strategy, security and support questions that you may have.