All businesses need a secure network firewall. It is really that simple. The consequences that come as a result of not having secure cyber security could be incredibly damaging for your business. In addition to protecting computers from viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious software, firewalls also protect most elements of a network. Additionally, they protect the internal network resources of your company from unauthorised access.

What is a firewall?

A firewall put simply, is like a security guard between your computer network and the outside internet. Working like a secure door, it helps to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the information which your business keeps internally. This can include company data or client and customer data. The firewall decides what traffic can be allowed through and what is deemed unauthorised and blocks them from entering.

When operating a business, you will always need to keep some things online. Whether via the Cloud or another type of storage system, there will be data online. Your firewall should be configured to only allow specific traffic to pass through it. You should update your firewall software regularly to ensure security updates are installed. A secure network firewall can help prevent unauthorised access to your sensitive information, regardless of the technique a cyber criminal might try. Whilst a firewall does act as a security barrier, your employees still need to be vigilant. If they are not careful, hackers could gain access by phishing and spear phishing attacks.

Why are firewalls needed?

It would be best practice to have a secure firewall because potential criminals are constantly looking for new ways to break into networks and steal private and sensitive data from your business. In addition, a strong firewall will always help protect your business from threats such as viruses and malware. For example, suppose a hacker can infiltrate your network or system via malware or a virus. In that case, it can cause severe damage to your company’s finances and reputation. Now you’ve learned about firewalls, you can read on to see how they can help keep your company safe and secure.

What types of firewalls are there?

There are many different types of firewalls that you can use to protect your network. However, the most important thing is that your firewall is secure and reliable. Therefore, you need to choose a firewall that has been configured correctly and that you trust will keep your information safe.  

In today’s world, perhaps more than ever, it is critical that businesses use the latest security tools to protect their systems from attacks. Neuways are experts in cyber security and can assist in helping you make your organisation cyber-proof. From suggesting password manager tools to managing your IT security and training your employees, you can outsource your IT to us, and we’ll be on hand to help. As a business owner, you must ensure that you have taken every precaution to protect your information and that of your clients.  

Cyber security in today’s world

Cyber security is a serious and evolving issue. Companies need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting their networks and data from potential threats and adapting to new and current threats. What’s surprising is that despite all the warnings, many small businesses do not have any sort of cyber security in place, which can be a considerable risk. These systems are often easier to access than larger organisations, and cyber criminals will take what they can get. A little data can go a long way to being incredibly lucrative for hackers. What they do with the data is up to them. They can either hold the company they have stolen it from to ransom or sell it to the highest bidder. We are even seeing the hackers threatening to report the breach so that the companies will be fined and impede enormous reputational damage. That’s why almost every business, regardless of size, needs help with its IT security.  

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