All businesses are now dependent on their IT systems and the associated technology – so what would your business do if they stopped working whilst you were enjoying your turkey? – Don’t let business continuity ruin your Christmas!

The weather outside is frightful…

There have been a number of incidences of flooding and extreme winter storms over the past few years resulting in businesses losing more than just their physical assets such as office equipment. Data such as files and records are also lost alongside all the information and processing capacity of the applications their business needs to operate.

But it’s not just the weather that could pose a threat to your business this festive period, leaving your office empty for 3-4 days minimum is an open invitation for thieves to break in and steal whatever they can lay their hands on.

Whilst it may seem unlikely and farfetched that these disasters may occur, the consequences to your business if the worst should happen, can be catastrophic.

90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan will fail after a disaster.
Source: Touche Ross 2017

The solution is simple and will protect your business all year round – Business Continuity is for life and not just for Christmas!

Neuways provide a Business Continuity solution which can get your business back up and running (and making money) within hours meaning your customers won’t be affected by your disaster.

How do Business Continuity solutions work?

The Neuways Business Continuity solution will produce a working copy of your server(s) taken from your most recent backup in minutes. This means you can access your data and systems from your last server back up almost immediately.

However, if your last backup was 24 hours ago, you could be missing some significant data creating an impact on customers and wider business functions. However, the Neuways backup solution takes a copy of your server data every hour, reducing the amount of data lost in the event of a disaster or hardware malfunction.

In addition to taking an hourly backup copy of your data, the Neuways Business Continuity solution backup your data up to the cloud, providing reliable and efficient off-site storage making your business futureproof as it grows and expands. All backup processes are monitored periodically through Screenshot Verification technology, which allows Neuways to see the screen of the data being backed up, so you can rest assured it is working.

The flexibility offered by Neuways means the solution can be tailored to meet your needs with the option to perform your disaster recovery either on-site or in the cloud with the further option for long-term data retention.

96% of companies with a trusted backup and disaster recovery plan were able to survive ransomware attacks.

Neuways’ business continuity and disaster recovery solution has been designed to keep your business safe against both the festive perils and the normal threats to your IT systems such as power surges, hardware or software failure, data corruption due to malware or ransom attacks, external security breaches and accidental user error.

So don’t let Business Continuity ruin your Christmas, contact one of our IT Consultants on 01283 753333 or email today and find out how you can celebrate with peace of mind this year.