Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform in the Microsoft 365 family. The platform offers space to chat for work purposes, video meetings, and storage for files. There are many benefits to your company using Microsoft Teams, which Neuways list below. If communication has been highlighted as an issue within your business, then Teams is almost certainly the way to go and resolve your issues. Here’s a little more about how to utilise Microsoft Teams in the workplace.

What could you use Microsoft Teams for?

Teams is a great platform to use for work purposes. You can have up to one-hundred participants in one meeting for free on the platform, which is useful when holding discussions with many people. Teams are also great for general communication at work; you can message and call other colleagues privately and create group chats for specific people. You’re able to store files on the platform; this is good when you have a document that you want everyone to be able to see. Microsoft Teams also has a calendar on the platform, which allows meetings to be scheduled, and it makes it easy for staff to see what they have planned for that day. See how beneficial it could be to have Microsoft Teams in the workplace?

The Simple Guide to setting up a Meeting on Microsoft Teams

Meetings can be set up through Microsoft Teams itself or by Outlook. To set up an appointment, you must go to the calendar section, usually found on the left navigation bar. Then you will be asked to fill out some details, such as the title of the meeting, the date, time, and location if applicable, and then you can add all of the required participants by searching their names. You can add any further details about the meeting to a description box. After you have filled in the details, you will then be able to see that the meeting has been added to your calendar in Teams and in Outlook.

How to join a Teams meeting

When you need to join a meeting, you will usually receive a reminder about the session 5-10 minutes before it commences. When somebody starts your meeting, you will get a pop-up message allowing you to join, or you can go to your calendar, and there will be a box that says ‘join’ there. Once you press enter, you can check your camera and microphone settings to see how you want them.

Do Companies think Teams is worth it?

Microsoft Teams in the workplace is a great platform with many benefits. One thing to consider is the new way of working. In today’s society, there is now a lot of lenience surrounding working from home due to the pandemic. Having a platform such as Microsoft Teams in the workplace allows for easy communication wherever you are due to being able to call and message. It makes sure that you know what you’re doing if you do work from home, and you know who is available to call if you need to ask something.

When should you use Microsoft Teams?

If you’ve been considering whether to use Microsoft Teams or not, hopefully, this article has helped you. The platform is user-friendly and can better a work environment with remote workers within a small or large business. Meetings are simple to set up and schedule once you know how, and communication has never been easier.

Contact Neuways to see how we can help you get set up. We take IT seriously, and we know how much it can improve the efficiency of your business. Stay safe, stay secure and stay efficient with Neuways.