As 2021 ends, it is time to look ahead to the New Year, as businesses consider how IT can help them move forward. Here at Neuways, we are always looking for ways in which IT can allow businesses to prosper. It might be switching IT systems, becoming more flexible or using different software to increase productivity. Of course, as well as progressing, businesses need to remain operational, and focus on reducing downtime as much as possible.

We sat down with our Managing Director, Martin Roberts, to discuss areas of focus for businesses when it comes to how IT can help in 2022…

1) Flexible & Agile Systems

“I think that people are going to take the experience they have had throughout the pandemic and learn from it. Over the last 18 months, it has been clear to see that flexible and agile systems are really what everyone should be investing in. When we at Neuways had discussed Business Continuity in the past, it used to take time for people to understand the need for it – people get it now as we’ve had the ultimate business continuity challenge with the pandemic.

“We helped many customers switch to more agile ways of working, by looking at new systems and innovative approaches. We have seen fantastic moves to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure – and we expect that these types of moves will only keep accelerating.

“There are businesses who have had a tough time over the last 18 months, who are now ready to make the switch to more agile systems. Unfortunately, it is coinciding with a skills shortage in our sector. The ‘logjam’ effect caused by the pandemic, means there are now a lot of businesses ready for their digital transformations, and the supply is struggling to meet demand.”

2) Protect against Cyber Threats

“Additionally, we are continuing to see major cyber security threats arise. Cyber criminals are continuing to develop new and smart tactics that test businesses, with a sole aim of exploiting and extorting victims that they manage to infiltrate. These range from COVID-19 themed hits to spoofed emails purporting to be sent from the boss of a business to an employee asking them to purchase thousands of pounds worth of items, such as gift cards for the cyber criminals to profit from.

“We actively try to inform and educate our customers with a weekly cyber threats bulletin issued via email. But the problem now is that cyber criminal gangs are selling their exploits and hacks to other, smaller groups. This means that most businesses are being bombarded by cyber attacks, as attackers are collectively able to send out thousands of malicious communications each day.

“I hope that more can be done to take down these criminals and stop the crimes they are committing. As a society, we have more resources than ever, and they need to continue to be put into fighting cyber crime.”

3) ERP Systems

“Through investments in more flexible systems and ERP business systems, businesses can drastically improve how they operate. We have witnessed lots of supply chain disruption over the last year and a half, due to Covid and Brexit, but technology will be a massive part of the solution.

“ERP systems can vastly improve the level of data companies have available to them. These digital insights can advise businesses on things such as, whether they need to hold more stock – because of potential supply chain disruption or slow down. Through investing in proper warehousing technology, like barcoding or RFID scanning, your operations will be smoother and more efficient.

“This is well and truly what every business needs, as we look to 2022: to become more efficient and more productive.”

In Summary…

“Businesses need to establish how much they can afford to spend, and what they would like to achieve. Then, by finding the right IT partner to work alongside, they can understand how they can meet those business goals and objectives through an investment in technology.”

To plan for a bright future led by IT, get in touch with the cyber security experts at Neuways. Contact us on 01283 753 333 or email