Neuways, like almost every business around the world, was affected by the pandemic. We changed how we operated, to help us continue to work – no matter what restrictions were in place at the time. Of course, as an MSP, we also helped many of our customers remain unaffected despite the changes to working conditions. With many of these cases, it came down to switching their rigid IT services to more agile systems, such as Microsoft Office 365 Online.

GreenTek were one of these customers. A specialist supplier operating internationally, there was a clear need for GreenTek to be able to deliver an uninterrupted service. Without it, they could have lost out on thousands of pounds worth of business. This meant that when the UK was first put into lockdown, in March 2020, their need to stay operational no matter what became essential.

Fortunately for GreenTek, as with many of our other customers, we planned ahead. With reports coming from around the world of the potential disruption COVID-19 could cause, pilot tests were run, which saw our staff work remotely. This meant that when the time came for all workforces to work remotely, we were one step ahead to help others with their own transition.

We gave GreenTek critical advice to move to Microsoft Office 365 Online prior to the March 2020 lockdown. The collaborative features of Microsoft’s ecosystem make it a standout for businesses requiring agility. Office 365’s ability to allow staff to access essential documents simultaneously and quickly if needed. This helped GreenTek to fulfil tasks without any disruption, allowing them to give their own customers their normal, quality service.

As well as the benefits of the SharePoint system, Microsoft Teams proved to be revolutionary. With many businesses without a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, it left businesses scrambling for an alternative that would suffice in a remote working environment. As a firm part of Microsoft Office 365 Online, Teams helped ease communication problems for organisations. With real-time text messaging, audio and video call functions, Teams allowed businesses to stay in close contact, no matter how much physical distance was in between them. Departmental group chats were created, with team catch-ups moving from face-to-face to video calls on Teams.

Rick Oliver, GreenTek’s Business Development Manager, said: “We are very glad we were advised to change to Microsoft Office 365 before lockdown. Teams meetings have been invaluable for daily huddles and one-to-one meetings.”

Isn’t not just GreenTek that benefitted from planning with quality IT advice. Of course, our own Support Team, along with the rest of the business, was sent to work from home at the dawn of the pandemic in March 2020. Since then, the team has managed to maintain its fantastic rate of meeting 100% of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed with customers.

In addition to this, the Support Team’s Customer Satisfaction Rating rose to 98%. This proved that the team had managed to maintain high levels of customer service. By keeping in touch with colleagues through Microsoft Teams, the Support Team pulled together to help customers stay out of trouble and remain operational.

It’s never too late for businesses to benefit from becoming more flexible. You can prepare for the future with flexible systems, such as Microsoft Office 365 Online. Call Neuways to talk to a real IT expert on 01283 753 333 or email for more information.