Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, phone systems have gained more momentum over the last year to become a viable option for many businesses. Business Voice is the Microsoft VoIP offering which looks to be a true game changer of a platform. But how can businesses best utilise Microsoft Business Voice to help them most? Let Neuways explain the benefits of Microsoft VoIP technology…

VoIP platforms, such as Business Voice, offer businesses a different way to keep in touch. By using an internet connection to make calls, rather than traditional phone lines, it allows the user to make calls directly from many different devices, such as a mobile, tablet and laptop, among others.

Lots of businesses have made the switch to VoIP throughout the last year. This is primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic enforcing office workers to switch to remote working. Leaving the office left traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone lines effectively redundant. This is down to the fact that PBX phone systems are powered by hard-wired lines, laid at a business’ office and cannot be used outside of the office.

This move out of the office left those businesses with PBX systems without a working communication platform. In the meantime, the likes of Microsoft Teams stepped in to help out. Teams gave businesses a way to communicate internally and externally, as it worked to give colleagues a way to engage others in audio, video and text-based chat.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice takes that communications capability to another level. While it delivers the likes of auto attendants, call queues and group calling, it is really the integration with Microsoft 365, and in particular, Teams, where Business Voice excels. With Skype for Business being phased out in July 2021, Microsoft Teams with Business Voice as an add-on, is the all-round communications platform businesses have been crying out for.

Business Voice makes it easy for users who’ve become adept at using Teams over the last year, to transfer calls, making it easier to both take inbound and make outbound calls. These are critical communication areas for businesses that are having to work from home, to ensure staff are safe. While there may have been a level of understanding and empathy from your customers and suppliers, as everyone dealt with their own communication issues throughout the pandemic, the expectation is that businesses are prepared now for an unknown future.

The foreseeable future looks as though many businesses will employ a hybrid style of working. If this is the case, then VoIP phone systems will become even more critical. The benefit of the phone system being able to work anywhere is that it can benefit those working from home, as well as any kind of office or field workers. If a future COVID outbreak meant that businesses would have to disperse and work from home, in order to operate safely and securely, then the VoIP phone network would have no problem.

Microsoft’s famed multi-factor authentication (MFA) programme makes it easy for the proper users to access the platform from anywhere. It also ensures that cyber criminals do not gain access to your business.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice utilises the Cloud to revolutionise the way businesses can communicate. A constant internet connection is required, but with the many, many benefits of the platform and its flexibility, it is the only phone system businesses should be considering in 2021. The stats speak for themselves, with 90% of IT leaders ceasing purchasing on-premise communication tools this year – don’t be left behind, contact Neuways today to discuss how Microsoft Business Voice and VoIP can change your business for the better.