News of a four-day work week being trialled in the UK is interesting for several reasons. One is whether there will be any logistic or productivity issues caused by the change to traditional working hours. It got us thinking: how could technology help organisations to avoid any issues around the increase of flexible working patterns? The answer: Office 365 Online.

The virtues of SharePoint

As a shared ecosystem, SharePoint can transform the way your business operates. On a day-to-day basis, SharePoint is ideal for those with flexible patterns of work. Never again will you have to attach a document to an email. By operating as a centralised hub, SharePoint securely hosts all of your organisation’s files.

Cloud technology allows colleagues to work simultaneously on documents, making working collaboratively on projects easier than ever. This benefits those working in different locations.

Some users are used to only saving files to the internal hard drive of their device. This means that as individuals, and, as a result, their business could be inflexible and are unable to adapt to changing circumstances.

Many businesses found that they were operating rigidly when the pandemic struck in March 2020. Overnight, companies were told by the government to send employees to work from home, for safety reasons. Some dealt with it better than others, with shared drives and environments coming into their own, while others were struggling with the change. Fast-forward two years, and Microsoft Office 365 Online, and in particular SharePoint, has been utilised by businesses around the world to help keep them as operational as possible.

The power of Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 Online gives organisations the chance to increase productivity, allowing you and your colleagues to maximise the time spent working. Microsoft, as you would expect, provide users with the most powerful computing provisions available on the market. Alongside this is a near continual stream of updates, all of which help improve the user experience.

Staying in touch with Teams

Not only does the shared ecosystem of SharePoint help, but the ability to communicate with ease through Microsoft Teams is a gamechanger. What this means for those of you working flexibly is that you can stay connected, no matter the time nor location.

Teams offers real-time text chat options, as well as video calls – providing more personable comms methods than email or phone calls. Teams can help departments to stay connected, with regular catch-ups made a reality through easy to set up meetings. There is also a shared list functionality, which helps break down both individual and group tasks that are ongoing. With notes and a priority level able to be added, it makes it simple for teams to know what is going on. Distance is no longer an excuse, with Microsoft Office 365 Online.

Teams Video Library

So, if you are considering increasing flexible working patterns throughout your organisation, it might be time to consider Office 365 Online. Give the Neuways experts a call today, on 01283 753 333 or email to investigate the possibilities.