Here at Neuways, we have been using the Internet of Everything (IoE) to resolve business challenges with technological solutions for many years. Whether speeding up a process, decreasing the labour-resource required, or simply tracking something as it moves from one place to another – we’ve done it all.

This concept has evolved in recent years as the more device-focused Internet of Things (IoT) hit the consumer goods market, utilising WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.

So, when the Internet of Things (IoT) is brought up in conversation, it generates a fair amount of discussion. To some it’s a game-changer; for others it’s the latest buzz word in technology.

On a consumer level, Amazon, Apple, and Google are all competing for our attention with their various smart devices. However, the current use for IoT (think smart speakers, smart thermostats, etc.) is convenient but ultimately a luxury, rather than a necessity.When it comes to using technology in business, the Internet of Everything has an almost endless number of possibilities – if you can imagine a business process issue, there is a piece of IoE technology that can be implemented to resolved it.

Essentially, IoE is to business what IoT is to the consumer.

Over the past 20 years, the velocity of business has increased considerably – largely down to these advances in technology. It wasn’t always like this though. There was a time when most processes were manual, including the troubleshooting of issues. This led to vast amounts of wasted time.Thanks to the immediate availability of data these days, I can now make decisions far more quickly than I used to be able to. Part of this is because I now have the ability to automate certain processes.

Not to replace people – quite the opposite. Automation frees up my staff’s time to focus on their more urgent responsibilities.

It’s with these advancements that I can now manage by exception far more easily, and it’s also how Neuways manages its customers. We have a process in place that notifies our technical team of the severity of certain issues and time left on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), amongst other things.If a critical issue occurs, or time is running out on an SLA, the team responsible for our customer will see red flashing lights above their help desk. Our customers can be hundreds of miles away, but we’re still able to remotely manage their systems.

In short, the IoE is what brings people, processes and data together.

In the modern business world, we’re fortunate to have a wealth of tools at our disposal. Technology has allowed us to reach heights previously out of reach. But the Internet of Everything is what connects it all, adding significant value to the sum of their parts.

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