The harsh reality is that if you work online, you’re at risk of being attacked by a cyber criminal. It’s reported that less than half of small to medium sized businesses in the UK have a Cybersafe management plan in place, making them an easy target for hackers who want access to sensitive information.

These days, getting the right IT framework in place to protect your business is just as important as recruiting the right team members. Without it, your confidential data and reputation are in a much more vulnerable position. Here we take a closer look at the importance of becoming a Cybersafe business and putting the right security measures in place.

Why is becoming Cybersafe so important?

You wouldn’t store confidential passwords on your desk. Not only would they be easy for the wrong people to see, but you’d also be giving them a free pass to get their hands on valuable assets and financial information. The same theory applies to your online activity. Any confidential data belonging to your business and your clients will only be secure if it’s well protected, which is why becoming Cybersafe is so important.

By adopting the right protocols, your business will be safeguarded against financial loss and a damaged reputation, both of which can be difficult to recover from. No one wants to be accused of negligence when it comes to GDPR regulations, so prioritising cyber safety can help to maintain client trust and avoid serious data breaches.

How do I know whether my business is Cybersafe?

Unfortunately, becoming Cybersafe isn’t as simple as just choosing one particular tool to keep your hardware and software safe. Hackers and opportunists are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to access sensitive information, so it’s best to opt for more than one defence technique to defer them. This typically means using chosen methods to monitor incoming traffic, then protecting your data internally.

Access control, network security and data backup are all effective practices to achieve cyber security, as is training your team members to minimise human error. The UK is still the biggest target for phishing attacks (fraudulent emails) in Europe, so helping your colleagues and team members identify malicious links could safeguard the future of your business.

How can Neuways help my business become Cybersafe?

Keeping one step ahead of cyber criminals will give your business the best chance of keeping safe online. Neuways can help by assessing your current IT resources and designing a Cybersafe framework that is best suited to your commercial needs. Our cyber security department have the experience and knowledge to match your business with measures that will increase its online safety and keep productivity levels high.

We can also identify any vulnerabilities in your current infrastructure and educate your employees so they’re in a better position to recognise online threats. Although hackers have no desire of giving up their keyboards anytime soon, making the decision to ensure your business is Cybersafe will give it the best chance of succeeding without suffering from unnecessary financial setbacks.

Contact Neuways to make your business Cybersafe

If you need support or advice, please do reach to us. Don’t wait for a data breach and financial disaster! Ensure your business is Cybersafe and keep the cyber criminals at bay, Neuways can help. You can contact us by emailing or by calling 01283 753 333.