Many of us have been working from home for some time now, as the impact of COVID-19 pandemic is felt all over the world. For some, the transition to remote working has been tough. The isolation of a home office is a completely different proposition to the more social workplace. Technology has proven to be a crucial tool during the pandemic, as it manages to bring colleagues together, wherever they work from.

Here are some of Neuways’ top tips to help your business overcome the negatives of working from home:

Revive watercooler moments with technology

Microsoft Teams has been an essential app during the pandemic. Its ease of use, combined with its varied communication methods, have seen it bring people together, albeit virtually. But how about using it to replicate those ‘watercooler moments’?

If there was a big match, a controversial news story or a must-see piece of TV, you could bet an entire office would be buzzing with the conversation surrounding it. So, why not have the same informal chats, but on Teams? A ten-minute discussion would give those suffering from isolation, one of the negatives of working from home, a chance to socially interact with their colleagues. Colleagues can switch around and socialise in different groups too, making it a good way of keeping in touch with lots of people.

Encourage use of the Intranet

Microsoft 365 has proven its worth during the pandemic. Companies can utilise SharePoint, opening it up to staff and encouraging them to share content to their internal networks. Content could take the form of a ‘Working from Home Diary”, photos of their workstations, pet pictures and more.
It would allow colleagues to get creative and provide them with a different, light-hearted task on their weekly to-do list – whilst keeping them connected.

Put on virtual training sessions

Within businesses, there are many experts in certain subject areas. Staff might not realise it, but the knowledge of their day-to-day tasks in their departments are worth sharing with others.

These sessions would serve as an opportunity to bring colleagues together, as well as reinforce areas of knowledge for staff across the business. For new starters, who began during the pandemic, it would give them the chance to ‘e-meet’ their colleagues.

There are also training sessions that businesses need to continue to deliver to all staff during the pandemic, such as how to access mental health support, how to recognise a phishing email or scam and how to remain safe online whilst working from home.

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Organise online exercise classes

For many, the lack of a work commute has given them the opportunity to fit more into their day. If this sounds familiar, why not get your body moving and partake in some exercise. Innovative businesses, such as Peloton, have thrived during the pandemic. Their streaming of exercise classes has given those in isolation a way of socialising with others.

Companies can run their own virtual classes, either pre- or post-work, and ask colleagues to exercise together, over a Teams call. This would encourage a strong team spirit and effort that could be translated into work during normal business hours, all while improving the business’ overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Utilise the Internet of Everything to automate manual tasks

Internet of EverythingMany businesses have found utilising innovative technologies that the Internet of Everything allows, has helped them deal with obstacles they’ve faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working.

By unifying and automating tasks and processes, businesses can introduce automation in many different areas, to free up employee time and increase productivity. Stresses placed on staff working from home would then reduce, with more time given to complete aspects of their job that cannot be automated with the same levels of efficiency.

Having used the Internet of Everything since it’s evolution, Neuways can help you harness your business’ potential and solve problems the pandemic has thrown up.

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Celebrate Staff

Staff are arguably under a considerable amount of stress at the moment, with reports that 88% of workers are suffering from moderate to extreme stress. To alleviate some of the pressure, and remind them they’re doing a great job, why not celebrate their achievements!

Businesses such as Derby-based Colleague Box, specialise in putting a smile on people’s faces. They package up themed boxes, that are then sent out to staff. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a successful certification, the surprise treat will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Overcome the negatives of working from home: Mental Health Support

Maintaining mental health can be tricky while many workers are remotely working. If you work from home alone, then it is important to ensure you are having a regular form of contact with other human beings, whether they are colleagues, or family and friends.

If you’re having a bad day, move away from your screen(s), making a hot drink and taking five minutes to reflect on your situation, is another way to feel less stress. Make sure the business is promoting a buddy system so colleagues are encouraged to look out for each other.

The business can also utilise exercise, training and SharePoint to collectively promote Mental Health Support and resources provided by the company.

Get online networking

Right now, the business community should pull together and support one another. Face-to-face networking might have been put on pause for now, but there are still plenty of ways to connect with others.

Across the country there is a website called Swap Shop which are aimed at swapping business’ services to help each other continue to operate as normally as possible. The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, are running weekly online networking events, with opportunities to connect with other members of the Chamber virtually over video call.

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