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We provide tailored communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our streamlined business communication solutions will help you cut costs and boost productivity.

Telephony Systems
Why Do You Need Telephony Services?

How Telephony Systems can improve your business’ communication

It is essential that every business has a fully functional and well-organised communication system. It’s crucial to make communication and engagement between each other and customers as easy as possible, no matter the distance.

So what should you consider when selecting the best telephony system for your business?

  • Your business’s current communication requirements
  • Potential changes to the communication requirements
  • Your communications budget
Fast Telephony Connections

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our communication systems integrate effortlessly with Microsoft Teams, joining all working platforms together

Safe & Secure Network

Flexible Working

Working remotely made easy our systems keep things flowing anytime anywhere

Reliable Service

Call Recording

Important calls that need recording made simple with a click of a button keep calls stored

Fast Telephony Connections

Fast Transfers

Transfer calls easily and fast to the correct business member, no need for complex systems

Safe & Secure Network

Complete Control

You have complete control over your phone system, accessible through your management portal

Reliable Service

Stay Connected

Callers can reach you wherever you are on whichever device with an option to extend all your calls

Why Neuways for Telephony systems?

Tried and Tested by us

We only recommend products to our clients we have tried ourselves and use within our own business. Therefore you can be sure your telephony system is the best fit for you.

Keeping you organised

Our telephony systems prioritise keeping your business’s communication organised and easily accessible for all employees, making call management simpler than ever.

Always stay connected

The telephony systems we use and sell ensure that your employees can stay connected with each other and customers no matter how far, making working from home manageable.

Highly flexible

Discover communication systems that work around your working day with best-in-class management systems you can rely on. Making managing clients and co-workers simple.

Trust in your system

We understand how important it is to trust your communication system, and that’s why we only provide our customers with the very best on the market.

Catered to your business

No business is the same, every business is different, and therefore all have different needs. We are here to cater to finding the best communication for you.

Which Telephony Systems Do We Reccomend?

Which Telephony systems do you need?

Our team of dedicated specialists work with a few Telephony systems, all tried and tested by ourselves and cover a range of business needs. We understand that every business isn’t the same, and that’s why we aim to provide systems that will benefit businesses from all industries.