Internet of Everything: Unifying People, Processes, and Data

Neuways uses the Internet of Everything to transform manual, time-consuming tasks into tech-driven processes. Chat to a IoE expert today:

But what is it?

Anything that damages productivity is a challenge that we at Neuways are experienced at solving – especially when that challenge can be overcome with the Internet of Everything (IoE).

In this case, we attached a micro-switch to a button. Designing a mount for the switch and a sleeve for the button, we then used a 3D printer to bring them to life. These were then fitted inside a device to detect movement.

As the exhausted supplies drop, it presses the micro-switch, which then sends an email alert to ensure timely stock replenishment. This then feeds into our ERP system, delivering analytics and insights on stock control.

How IoE is Helping Businesses Adapt

At Neuways, we have been using IoE to overcome business challenges with technological solutions for many years – connectivity and a passion for finding innovative solutions to common problems is what Neuways is all about.

Whether we are helping businesses speed up a process, decreasing the labour-resource required, or simply tracking something as it moves from one place to another – we’ve done it all.

This concept has evolved in recent years as the more device-focused Internet of Things (IoT) hit the consumer goods market, utilising WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.

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