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Strategic and technical expertise paired with practical experience

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With IT Consultancy from Neuways, we examine the opportunities facing your business, as well as the challenges. With a clear picture of your needs and your risk profile, we are able to offer the best solutions for your business – as well as helping you get the best out of your existing infrastructure.

So, whether it’s a question of what hardware is best for a user, how a business process can be improved, or which ERP system will best meet your needs, the most appropriate networking infrastructure, or the best business continuity solution, you can benefit from our IT Consultancy services.

Businesses using technology to their advantage are achieving a 6% annual growth in productivity

81% of businesses could cease to exist in the next 5 years without further investment in technology

Our IT Consultants can help you budget for growth

Why Should You Use an IT Consultant?

Technology Experts

Our IT Consultants are technology-specific experts. From ERP, MRP, CRM, information security, and much more – our consultants understand technology from a commercial perspective.

Sector-Specific Experience

Our IT Consultants come from industry, and have extensive experience of the technological demands and requirements from different sectors. This allows us to deliver the most relevant advice and support.

Minimising Risk

The ethos and approach of our IT Consultants is to reduce risk to your business. They will underpin their advice with security and business continuity to protect your business long-term.

Your Business Objectives

We don’t have our own agenda – our IT Consultants work with you to understand your business objectives. From there they will work with you to implement the solutions to achieve these aims.

Partners, Not Salesmen

As long-term partners, our IT Consultants will stay in close contact to advise and protect your business as it grows. We offer quarterly, bi-annual, or annual reviews to outline the best plans for the future.

We Don’t Shift Boxes

We don’t have sales targets here at Neuways – so we don’t sell services or solutions to make up numbers. Our IT Consultants will only ever advise you of what is best for your business – nothing else!

Why choose Neuways?

IT Consultants can only be effective if they understand the commercial implications and objectives that technology have within a business.

Positions held by our team of IT Consultants include high-level directorial roles within FTSE 100 organisations, as well as management and implementation roles across a range of industries and continents.

All our IT Consultants have practical understanding and experience of working in the SMB sector and providing secure, cost-effective solutions for growing businesses.

As long-term partners to your business, the sole focus of our IT Consultants is to provide advice and support to ensure your technology strategy significantly contributes to the successful achievement of your business goals.

Getting The Most From Your IT Consultant

Unbiased advice and support from experts in their field is what you are guaranteed from our IT Consultants. They have a variety of technical experience, from the support of end-user devices, all the way through to implementation of enterprise-wide systems with thousands of users – with an emphasis on secure computing, business continuity and growth. They are individuals with real-world experience, and an aptitude for seeing the bigger picture and using innovative technology solutions to improve your business.

At Neuways, we only offer what is appropriate for your business. This is why we never set sales targets – we aren’t driven by our business objectives, we are driven by yours!

3 Reasons to choose
Neuways as your MSP

We don’t just support, we secure and strategise.

A longterm solution,
not a quick fix

Managed Service Providers find a long-term solution for your IT problems. This ensures the continuity of your business, unlike an IT Support company who only find a fix for individual problems and don’t take a holistic approach to your IT systems and security – Neuways do.

Supporting your best interests

We can include consultancy and project work hours into our MSP plans meaning your IT grows and prospers in a secure manner. This strategic work runs alongside your support leading to a holistic IT approach bespoke to your business – not a one size fits all approach.

Quick support when you need “IT”

With an average time of 8.5 seconds to answer your call (that’s 3 rings), we pride ourselves with our prompt response rates. Our Technical Support desk of 40+ technicians means we can ensure that your business remains supported and secure when you need it most.

What makes our IT
Support Helpdesk great?

8.5 Seconds Average
Waiting Time

100% SLAs Met

300+ Supported

40+ Dedicated

364 Days Available
Per Year

100% UK-Based
Real People