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Jet Reports from Neuways

Jet Global provides advanced business reporting solution. As an add-on to Business Central, the solution mines and funnels data from multiple sources into a single Excel spreadsheet. This equips your decision makers with accurate, up-to-date business intelligence, allowing for far better decision-making.

How do Jet Reports Work?

Jet Reports function as an integrated Excel feature that can import data from external sources, including Business Central giving you your business data in an easy-to-manipulate format without the hassle of complicated import and export processes where data can become corrupted.

An example of how this reporting add-on works would be when a business departments often maintain their own separate spreadsheets for budgeting. IT will manage their own budgets and resourcing, as will marketing, accounts, and so on.

This reporting tool can import all of this siloed data into a central ‘master spreadsheet’, transforming isolated figures into a central information hub. This eliminates errors from manual copying and pasting of information. It also simplifies the process by updating the spreadsheet with a single click!

Why Do Our Customers Choose Jet Reports?

This option continues to be a popular choice, thanks to its flexible, accurate, and timely reporting functionality.

Users value the one-time setup of reports, meaning they only need to ‘refresh’ the document for the latest information. They also value the solution’s ability to import data not just from any Business Central module, but from third party applications too!

Jet Reports is a natural companion for Power BI – Microsoft’s visual business analytics solution, and many of our customers use the two in conjunction.

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