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Make sure your business is Cybersafe with Neuways

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Statistics show that organisations that suffer cyberattacks have a 60% chance of going out of business within six months. Online security is just as important as sales, finance, and marketing. Without it, your business is much more vulnerable to hackers who employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to access sensitive information. Here, we look at what you can do to make sure your business is Cybersafe, why preventing online attacks can prevent substantial financial loss, and how Neuways can help safeguard your assets.

Why is cyber security so important?

Secure Wifi from Watchguard and NeuwaysA cyber security breach can have serious repercussions. As well as resulting in economic damage, an online attack can exploit sensitive data, incur expensive legal costs and lead to a controversial reputation that’s hard to recover from. Safeguarding your assets is not just good business practice; it’s the most effective way to protect your hardware, software, and confidential data. You may also find that by ensuring your business is Cybersafe, you’ll be better positioned to win more work and expand your client base. Having the proper cybersecurity protocols in place is a valuable PR tool. Potential customers will always prefer to work alongside a business that has invested in keeping their data secure, as opposed to one that has neglected even the most basic cyber security controls.

How do I know whether my business is safe from cyber attacks?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one particular tool to ensure your business is Cybersafe. A multi-layered approach is the most effective way to keep hackers at bay, initially to act as a gatekeeper and then to protect your data internally. This can be executed through several methods, such as access control, network security, data backup and software updates. It’s also worth remembering that employees and colleagues must be educated enough to recognise a potential cyber threat and act accordingly. Team members with limited knowledge of the subject can inadvertently cause as much damage as hackers. Mistaking a phishing email with an authentic message, for example, is easy to do if it looks genuine, so employee training is paramount to your online security.

How can Neuways make sure my business is Cybersafe?

Staying ahead and enhancing your online security is the best way to safeguard your business from hackers. Neuways can help by designing a cyber security framework tailored to your organisation’s needs and will strengthen your defence against attacks and data breaches. Our collaboration with security analysts and technology experts has given us the experience and knowledge to help other businesses regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate. Along with creating a solid foundation to guard your enterprise, we can advise you on any security adjustments and identify gaps that could make you an easy target for cyber threats.

Contact Neuways for help with your network security

If you need support with your cyber security or would like some advice on the measures you currently have in place, Neuways can help. You can contact us by calling 01283 753 333 or by emailing

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