Being aware of cyber security threats has never been more critical for any business of any size. However, the issue is that not everybody is aware of how dangerous cyber attacks can be, both for individuals and companies. A bonus is that Neuways can offer managed security awareness training, helping to ensure businesses and users know how to spot phishing attacks and malware infections. So, let’s talk about how you can go about creating a solid barrier between cyber criminals and your business systems and data.

Stopping and Spotting Obvious Cyber Attacks

In the olden days, phishing emails were pretty obvious to spot for almost everybody. However, on the odd occasion, employees would get that dreaded feeling in the pit of their stomach when they realise that they may not have spotted an obvious link. It happens more than may think for employees who haven’t had training,

When weary workers are sifting through mountains of emails in the early morning, they may stumble across a request for files or click a link from a sender they recognise. However, the issue is that the sender’s name is the only bit of data that they should recognise. If they weren’t tired or had received security training, they may have looked a little closer at the email address and domain. For example, ‘John Smith’ may be your boss’s name, but the email address is spam and comes from a Gmail account rather than their business email.

It could be too late when they realise, and that dreaded feeling appears in their stomach. If they have their time again, the individual will look for signs that this may not be a legitimate request. But what happens now? Once the link has been clicked, the device could become unresponsive. There is nothing you can do. Your files look to have disappeared, and the sensitive and confidential data held on the computer (on desktop or drive) can no longer be found.

What does a data breach from ‘phishing’ mean?

When your files have disappeared, it most likely means that your business has been the victim of a phishing attack. Through human error, your data may have been breached. It doesn’t just happen to businesses but to individuals as well. However, depending on the nature of the attack, it could be a lot more harmful to your business, with the costs being higher. In a recent article, we discussed the annual cost of a data breach for businesses. Well, this is just one of the routes that hackers can take.

It is important to note that the scenario we discussed above is perhaps the most blatant and straightforward attempt at phishing. In recent years, hackers have become far more adept at phishing. The attacks have become more sophisticated and are not easily spotted by the naked eye. Although a business owner may be frustrated at their employee for not being more cautious, the blame cannot always lie with them without managed security awareness training.

How to spot an attack and deal with it using managed security awareness training

As we’ve mentioned throughout the article, these attacks are getting more sophisticated. However, phishing emails do tend to still rely on human error. However, this could be eliminated if your staff are trained in cybersecurity awareness.

And that is how Neuways can help. Through sophisticated managed security awareness training, we can help make your employees the last line of defence. So please get in touch with us today to discuss the KnowBe4 software that we recommend to customers and clients.

Our primary concern is keeping customers and clients safe. That’s why we have partnered with KnowBe4, which helps with security awareness training.

How does KnowBe4 software work?

Neuways recommends and offers KnowBe4 to customers as it is the world’s largest integrated platform for managed security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

Our team would be happy to talk to your business about the benefits of such an esteemed platform. The software can train your users, as it contains perhaps the world’s most extensive library of security awareness training content. In addition, there are scheduled reminder emails with automated training campaigns to ensure any cyber security attacks can be dealt with by your staff before their software or device has been infiltrated! In many ways, they will know before the attack if there is a threat…

What’s more, the software boasts impressive results. With its enterprise-strength reporting, there is a reason Neuways recommends KnowBe4 to customers.

Managed Security Awareness Training

Knowing your employees are your last line of defence should give you peace of mind as a business owner. Why? Because with the proper security awareness training and software in place, the threat should have always been snuffed out by the time it reaches your employees.

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