Here is our message of reassurance from our MD, Martin Roberts.

MSPs have a significant part to play in the current COVID-19 situation – not on the medical front but economically, using technology to ensure that as many businesses as possible can continue to operate as close to normal.

Martin RobertsHere is what Neuways Managing Director, Martin Roberts, has been leading his team to do, as part of these essential MSP efforts:

“The UK may have now gone into lockdown for the foreseeable future, until Covid-19 is under control, but we know that there are many businesses across the country that are still functioning, many as part of the direct fight against this virus and helping the country recover from it.

As a technology partner to businesses in different sectors across the UK, we want you to know that we are right behind you. We are working hard to ensure that you have everything you need in order to continue working in a safe and secure way, until you can return to a more sustainable way of working – whatever that may look like.

We have been preparing for lockdown for a number of weeks to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, so that we can support you remotely. These preparations have included test days of remote working, advanced screening of potential risk to staff, and deep cleaning on a daily basis for more than a month before lockdown was introduced.

As we anticipated, we have seen an increase in the amount of support tickets we are currently dealing with, but be assured that we have the technology, resources, and experience to cope with this increase in demand. Our sole aim is to ensure the continuity of our customers’ businesses, and those of new customers.

In addition to our increased processing of support tickets, our team is also focused on bolstering security measures for our customers. With a change in working comes a change in hardware setup, collaboration software, and extended communications. Each of these factors is an opportunity for cyber criminals, seeking to exploit the global situation for financial gain. We’re putting a stop to that.

Whilst keeping businesses running, we are also taking proactive steps to ensure that they are protected against new vulnerabilities. These include extended endpoint security for personal hardware, VPN setup, phishing awareness of the latest scams, and the enrolling of multi-factor authentication.

Supporting this activity is our team of security experts. They are constantly scoping out threats to your business and producing information advisories to keep everyone aware of the dangers to business at this time.

Please ensure that you check our blog regularly for all the latest security and technology advice in these uncertain times, along with our social media channels, which we use to communicate these important messages.

But it doesn’t stop there – we understand that running a business in this crisis isn’t just about getting through each day as it comes. There has to be a level of forward-thinking and planning.

This is where our Technology Consultants have been supporting our customers as they look to implement system changes to secure their business for the future with products such as Office 365. They are working hard to respond proactively and timely to the rush in demand for new systems and infrastructure, ensuring that every business comes through this situation in a strong position.

In addition to this extraordinary work, our entire team is still moving infrastructure projects forward, with server installs and system upgrades happening, wherever possible, at a safe distance. Again, this is to ensure that our customers have the technology in place to continue growing, as we emerge from our current circumstances. This is the only way the UK economy is going to survive and Neuways is doing everything it can to help.

We perform this work for our customers as more than just their IT company, but as their business technology partner. Our aim in this challenging time is to ensure that every business can continue in the short term and emerge strong and positive in the long term.”

Martin Roberts
Managing Director, Neuways