Data management is so easy to overlook when managing and running a business but I want you to put it back on the agenda, and at the top!

Imagine that you sold a product that was very valuable, very toxic and highly traceable.

Also imagine it was also a product that was in demand from the criminal fraternity who had the wherewithal to enter your premises disguised as customers, suppliers, and other trusted business partners.

Martin Roberts

Go a step further and consider that they could either sell the product to other criminals or – worse than that – blackmail you with the threat of release of the toxic material, making you both the victim and the perpetrator of such a crime.

Think for a moment that someone else’s criminal intent could result in your business being subjected to huge fines and damage to your reputation!

You’d certainly handle that product, that inventory, with great care – you would store it in highly secure warehouses, have special procedures to ensure it was handled correctly with the appropriate PPE clothing, and you certainly would not allow any of it to be released to your business partners without tight controls.

You would likely judge that the cost of storing, moving it about and using it was a price worth paying – if you handled such a product. You don’t do you?

Well, you do.

The product is data and you probably have quite a lot of it already – and it has the potential to pose a significant risk to your business if it is not handled with the seriousness as you would a valuable, toxic and traceable material.

Data is the currency of your business so stands to reason that data management is an essential part of running your business. In the right hands, it can energise your operations. In the wrong hands, you face disaster. It is therefore essential that your business properly manages its data.

We’re here to help you understand the measures you can take to store, secure, and protect your data.