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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Spotlight on Sales

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In today’s competitive market, sales professionals must find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. The sales module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers your sales team to improve the customer journey.

Contact Management

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales module offers superb contact management. Adding new customers onto the system is straightforward. When you create a customer record, it will serve as a customer portrait, continuously updating as you add to it throughout your relationship with them.

Business Central builds a database of customer wants and needs, giving your sales team all the intelligence and customer information required to sell your product.

Your customer contacts list serves as a persistent address book that can be shared across all your business departments.

Within your contact list, you can filter your customers and leads according to who they work for, the industry they work in, and much more.

Using the partnership between Microsoft and LinkedIn, you can build a relationship with the right clients, find those who are associated in a similar field of work, or clients who require a type of product that your business sells. This is made possible through built-in integration between Business Central and LinkedIn.

Exceeding Customer Requirements

Business Central makes the quoting and ordering process streamlined and convenient, allowing all areas of the sales process to remain fully informed and flexible to change.

With Business Central you can amend quotes with ease, save time and improve your sales team’s productivity, offering a better customer experience for your prospects. This is also useful at the negotiation stage of selling a product as you can amend the proposal easily to get a deal that suits both parties.

Simplify the generation of quotes with Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can record the quote for your customer when selling a specific product, and tailor it in accordance with the customer’s needs.

In addition to estimating the approximate delivery time, your sales team are also able to track your customers’ orders and deliveries. If the delivery is running late, you can see when the customer will receive their order, allowing you to provide the customer with up-to-date delivery information.

Boosting Sales Productivity

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s integrated system makes selling straightforward. With all the necessary customer information displayed on one screen, your sales team can impress contacts with their unrivaled customer and product knowledge, setting your business apart from the rest.

Providing intelligent guidance to customers in the selling process will leave an excellent impression of your business.

The mobility afforded by Business Central allows you to sell wherever you are, using modern mobile applications – this makes sales opportunities for your business limitless.

Goals can be created in Dynamics 365 Business Central which can be monitored against sales performance. From an internal perspective, this is a great incentive for the sales team to reach their goals. There is also the opportunity to analyse the sales performance results, so improvements can be made in the future to boost sales productivity.

Customer satisfaction and retention has been made simpler with the ability to integrate Business Central with LinkedIn. Sales teams can base their work around their connections and professional relationships. This adds a personal touch to the selling process, enhancing the customer experience.

Finalising The Sale

Creating a sales invoice is a seamless, stress-free process with Dynamics 365 Business Central. When a customer purchases a product or service an invoice needs to be sent out asking for payment. Any invoice that is sent out can be saved in the system, so if a customer wants the same product again a similar invoice can easily be recreated.

The invoice is sent to the customer in PDF format via email. In the body of the invoice payment information can be included such as bank details or a link to PayPal. Dynamics 365 Business Central has great adaptability. Much like with quote generation, any errors or customer-required changes can be made in a straightforward manner, saving you from having to completely reproduce the sales invoice consequently, increasing work productivity.

If you would like to hear more about what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can do for your sales team, visit our Dynamics 365 Business Central hub. Alternatively, contact Neuways on 01283 753333 or at


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