Microsoft Teams helps your business run efficiently. At Neuways, we can’t give more of a glowing recommendation than we already have here. However, there are still many aspects of Microsoft Office which go unutilised by users. Below, we list a few Microsoft Teams integration tips to help your business run more effectively.

Social Media Focus – Tips for Twitter Integration with Microsoft Teams

Why would you want to integrate Twitter into your Teams account? Surely that wouldn’t help productivity as people will sit on Twitter all day? No, we’re not saying your employees would be on social media whilst having Teams in the background. Instead, we are explaining how it could help your customer service team.

According to Microsoft, if you integrate Twitter into your Teams, you can set up relevant alerts for queries and hashtags so that you can respond. That way, employees can respond to customer queries on social media without interrupting their workflow. In addition, it removes the need to log in and out of different social media accounts, saving time. Plus, there is the additional benefit of raising your levels of customer service because queries can be answered quickly.

So, if you didn’t already know this about integration, it’s another excellent arrow to add to your bow. Make life easier for your social media employees with Microsoft Teams.

Integrate a to-do list in Microsoft Teams with Trello

Trello to do list project management on laptop blue backgroundA nice fancy to-do list so everybody can keep on top of tasks. This is something that every business needs. However, it should not be used to check up on people, which is often a misconception of project management software, but rather something better.

Trello is a project management software that contains boards which allow users to create boards, lists, and cards. Its flexibility and ease of use also let you organise and prioritise projects. Organised employees can work down their list and tick off tasks as they go, all without leaving Teams! But, instead of Trello, we do recommend using an integrated Microsoft Planner that makes all scheduling and planning much more efficient.

An integration which allows creativity to flourish

adobe creative cloud app softwareAs we’ve already discussed, Teams is more than just an instant messaging and video call service. There is much more to it than that, partly down to its integrations. Another innovative integration which will help your employees to flourish in their roles is the integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. Is there a better way to run a business than combine creativity with teamwork? So help your team flourish by integrating Microsoft Teams with Adobe Creative Cloud. You will never look back!

Developing a culture which allows your workforce to thrive by using Microsoft

GitHub web development microsoft teams black and white backgroundLast but not least, we will discuss the combination of web development with GitHub. This will be music to the ears of any web developer or web development agency who wants to communicate with each other whilst flourishing in their roles constantly.

A lot of web development requires communication and integrating GitHub – a platform where web developers can work together to solve challenging problems – with Microsoft Teams, you’re one step closer to forging a formidable team.

Excitingly, regardless of the size of your organisation, Microsoft has allowed the GitHub integration in Teams to be created so that users can create, share and develop the best code possible. So the future looks bright for web developers, thanks to Microsoft Office and Teams!

Integrating and utilising all these tools with Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams iphone purple backgroundIf you’ve not been sold on Microsoft Teams for your business, what have you been reading?! Neuways work with companies to help them plan for all eventualities in the cyber world, but another critical aspect is that we want businesses to thrive through efficiency.

That is why at Neuways, we help employers and companies to bring apps and tools together in Teams as a great way of getting efficiency and creativity back to the company.

Ultimately, we are here to help. With our finger on the pulse at every opportunity, whether cyber threats or new releases in the technology world. Become a productive superpower with Neuways and Microsoft today.

Get in touch with us today at Neuways. We’ll help you with all your cyber security needs. We are your partners.