Welcome to the latest edition of the Neu Cyber Threats, a weekly series in which we bring attention to the latest cyber attacks, scams, frauds, malware including Ransomware and DDoS, in order to ensure you stay safe online.

Here are the most prominent threats which you should be aware of:


LastPass has a breach


LastPass is a popular password management tool that has recently been subject to a security breach. People trust their password management tools and utilise the ease and security of the tools. But what happens when one of them gets breached? 


LastPass, which has 33 million users and over 100,000 business accounts, were subject to one a little over two weeks ago. They have since sent an email informing all users of what had happened and stated, “We have seen no evidence that this incident involved any access to customer data or encrypted password vaults”.


They stated that the unknown perpetrator gained access through one of the developer’s accounts, and they also managed to exfiltrate some of the source code for the product.


If you have any concerns, LastPass has provided FAQs to offer the facts and guidance on what a user should do here.

Neu Cyber Threats

Ransomware attacks surge to a massive 1.2 million attacks per month

Barracuda Networking completed a recent report that suggests ransomware attacks are soaring every month, with a whopping 1.2 million attempted attacks in January and June of this year.

The report also looks into publicised attacks that were successful and suggests the key industries affected by ransomware are Education (15%), Healthcare (12%), Infrastructure (8%) and Finance (6%). According to the report, Education has seen an alarming rise in ransomware attacks – from 6 successful attacks last year to 16 so far this year.

Other industries affected by ransomware attacks covered in this report can be seen below:

Ransomware Attacks

Plex Data Breach

Plex is a popular home media control system and a streaming service that issued an email to all customers on Wednesday, 24th August, advising them to change their passwords. This was because the company had suffered a data breach where the attackers had managed to gain access to emails, usernames and encrypted passwords.

“Even though all account passwords that could have been accessed were hashed and secured in accordance with best practices, out of an abundance of caution, we are requiring all Plex accounts to have their password reset”, the Plex email stated.

“Rest assured that credit card and other payment data are not stored on our servers at all and were not vulnerable in this incident”, the company added.

If you have an account with PLEX, it is advised you change your password with a secure and complex password. If you utilise this password anywhere else, it is also strongly advised to change these passwords as well.

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