Welcome to the latest edition of the Neu Cyber Threats, a weekly series in which we bring attention to the latest cyber attacks, scams, frauds, malware including Ransomware and DDoS, in order to ensure you stay safe online.

Here are the most prominent threats which you should be aware of:



Latitude Financial, skin cancer survey hack are some of the latest cyber attacks. What to do if you think you’re at risk

In the past week, two more major data breaches from cyber attacks have come to light.

Last week, it was Latitude Financial, in one of the first major hacks on a financial services company in Australia.

This week, the ABC revealed Australia’s biggest skin cancer study has also been hit.

Hackers target Horsham school in ‘malicious cyber attack’

The cyber attack caused major disruption at Tanbridge House School this week. But headteacher Mark Sheridan says ‘no compromise of sensitive information’ has been found.

The attack is the third on schools in West Sussex over the past week. Two schools in Chichester have been subjected to major ransomeware attacks.

One of them – Bishop Luffa – confirmed that hackers were holding a huge amount of sensitive data to ransom but said the school was not in a position to pay.

Tanbridge House School sent out a letter to parents this week saying that hacking of its systems had had ‘a big impact on the normal running of the school this week’ but that computers were being reconfigured.

Ferrari Says Ransomware Attack Exposed Customer Data

Italian sports car maker Ferrari said on Monday that a threat actor had demanded a ransom related to customer contact details that may have been exposed in a ransomware attack.

“Upon receipt of the ransom demand, we immediately started an investigation in collaboration with a leading global third-party cybersecurity firm,” the iconic car maker said. “In addition, we informed the relevant authorities and are confident they will investigate to the full extent of the law.”

The company did not say when the incident occurred, but it could be related to reports of a ransomware attack back in October 2022, when the “RansomEXX” group claimed it had stolen and leaked 7 GB of data from Ferrari—which Ferrari denied at the time.


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