Welcome to the latest edition of the Neu Cyber Threats, a weekly series in which, we here at Neuways, bring attention to the latest cybersecurity threats in order to ensure you stay safe online.

Here are the most prominent threats which you should be aware of:


Neu Cyber Threats

Campari Site Suffers Ransomware Hangover

A new ransomware discovered in late 2019 has been used to hack companies around the world. Ragnar Locker is a novel strain of ransomware known to distribute its payloads via virtual machines.

Attackers using the ransomware use it to infiltrate a business and steal data, before encrypting networks and issuing victims with large ransoms to retrieve access. With the number of ransomware attacks increasing during 2020, all it takes is one slip up to allow cyber criminals access to your business’ systems.

By treating every email you receive with caution, you’re giving your employer the best chance of avoiding a cyber attack.

Emotet and TrickBot Top the Malware Charts Yet Again

Neu Cyber Threats

Prolific malware strains Emotet and TrickBot topped the cyber threat charts for October 2020. Emotet and TrickBot started life as banking Trojans, but have been adapted to become increasingly complex in recent years.

Both now feature advanced modular functionality which expand the range of attacks they can deploy. Recently they have been used to provide access for attackers and maintain a persistent presence in victim networks, acting as a precursor to downloading additional malware.

Users need to be ensure any authorisation requests they receive are from an official source, as well as any suspicious looking emails that encourage immediate action.

Neu Cyber Threats

Malicious Macros Remain Highly Effective

Malicious macros hidden within Microsoft Word documents remain one of the most popular cyber-attack methods used by hackers of all skill levels. The malicious content is hidden within official-looking communications from governments or official bodies such as HMRC, to trick recipients and swipe critical company data.

The strategy has been used for years by cyber criminals but remains a successful way to catch the recipient out. By providing your staff with strong email phishing awareness training, you can significantly reduce your chances of being hacked.

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McAfee sees COVID-19-themed threats and powershell malware surge in 2020

Neu Cyber Threats

An examination of cyber-criminal activity has found that there are now an average of 419 new cyber threats threatening businesses per minute. Many of these threats involve criminals using COVID-19 themed communications to trick victims, by preying on the need for knowledge around the virus.

Email phishing campaigns are created using emotive messaging to encourage victims to open an attachment or link that exposes their company to ransomware attacks. With many workers now remote working, there has been a rise in criminals exploiting poor home network security with these phishing emails.

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