NeuVue360 is a suite of business intelligence tools developed in-house by our business experts. Streamlining your customers’ experience and informing your business with top-down intelligence, NeuVue360 places the future of your business firmly in your hands.

Comprising of a series of unique software tools, NeuVue360 streamlines the customer journey from enquiry to purchase, and beyond. Invest in your customer experience at all touchpoints and they will invest in you, providing recurring revenue and a customer-for-life.

Embedding with your existing ERP/CRM software, NeuVue360 provides real-time analysis of business performance, converting raw data into dashboards of actionable intelligence. This gives you a 360-degree view of your business operations, ranging from customer habits to employee activities, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

The Importance of the Customer Journey

Consider your preferred online retailer – your consumer journey from the initial search for a product, to the purchase, and then post-sale. It’s straightforward and the convenience is why you return.

This is the mindset you need to adopt for your business – whether it’s a product or a service your business provides, what would make the customer journey more straightforward?

NeuVue360 streamlines your customer experience by building a virtual profile of your customer. From initial contact, to the point of sale, and beyond into after-sale, NeuVue360 documents your customer touchpoints. This generates a detailed landscape of their requirements and purchasing habits, equipping your staff with the means to deliver a gold-standard customer experience first-time.

Information might include customer name, business name, their reason for calling, or even their previous history with your business. Your sales team can use this information to follow up on enquiries with a clear picture of their customers’ needs.

At the heart of NeuVue360 is the software-based 3CX telephone, which syncs with the customer profile database on your PC to display incoming caller information. By providing instant access to your customers’ virtual profile, your staff are equipped to deliver a knowledgeable, and truly personal, customer experience.

You can even use NeuVue360’s flexibility to filter calls to the relevant department, ensuring that incoming calls are answered promptly and directed to the correct place. This shortens the customer journey and ensures they are reaching the right people who can best serve their needs.

By increasing the opportunity for your staff to create meaningful customer touchpoints, your rounded approach to customer service increases the likelihood of happy customers, resulting in recurring business. NeuVue360 is the software you need to preserve your customer relationships beyond the point of sale.

Ultimate Business Intelligence

Your business data is only as good as the insights you can interpret from it. Working with Microsoft’s Power BI tool and your existing CRM, NeuVue360 places key business processes in a clean, top-down view with highly customisable infographics and reports.

Understanding the intricacies of how your business and customers operate can offer unique insights into how to increase efficiency in your organisation. For example, NeuVue360 can generate reports at every level of your business – it can be as general as operational costs or as granular as the average time taken for your individual staff members take to resolve customer queries.

You might also wish to see statistics for caller wait times, service level agreement (SLA) targets, or resource availability. These can all be reported on and visualised in order to establish trends and allow for better-informed decision-making.

Another perk of NeuVue360 is the NeuBoards service – interacting with your database, NeuBoards visualises business processes. If you’re in the packaging industry, NeuBoards can display outstanding orders; if you’re in customer service, it can display open tickets, and much more. With your key objectives available in plain sight, your staff can act on the immediate priorities.
By turning information into intelligence, you have the power to make informed business decisions with the utmost confidence.

With NeuVue360, you can deliver an unrivalled customer experience and take your business intelligence to the next level.