On the edge of the new Infinity Park Enterprise Zone in Derby rises Neustro House. Neustro House is home to Neuways and partner company Neustro Consulting, previously located in Burton-upon-Trent and Coalville respectively. Neustro House has enabled us to bring the two teams together, allowing us to offer personalised managed IT services and other solutions from a broad and deep talent pool, with a focus on the delivery of professional excellence for our customers.

Neustro House is our newly-built, four-storey office building with 7,500 square feet of floor space, demonstrating our commitment to investing in the future. This allows the Neustro Group to attract the finest talent and continue with our mission to offer outstanding IT services to our customers.

With glorious views stretching across four counties, we are strategically located, being only 10 minutes due west from the M1, the M42 being conveniently located 15 minutes away and the M6 approximately 20 minutes down the road – so we can travel to any part of the UK with ease.

How Neustro House helps us serve our customers

Being at the hub of the UK network provides Neuways and Neustro with the ease of travelling anywhere within hours. For our international clients, our location is situated between 2 major airports, with East Midlands Airport reachable within 10 minutes, and Birmingham around 45 minutes.

Neustro House Trivia

If you’ve got the time, here are some interesting facts about our new home:

  • Views of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.
  • Around 7 kilometres of cabling throughout, installed by ourselves.
  • 50+ employees offering IT Solutions.
  • 30,000 cars pass by every day.
  • Our solar panels on the roof generate our own electricity.
  • If you lay all of the staff end to end, they’d probably fall asleep. Actually, not all of them, as we offer 24/7 support!

The News That Went International

Neuways and neustroDuring the construction of our new home, a Builder from Bradgate Park Development, who also happened to be an ardent Derby County fan, spelt “We Hate Forest – DCFC” out in roof tiles on our roof. This controversial story made it all the way to BBC news, spreading it internationally.

Read the full BBC News article here:

Driving by? Pop in and have a chat, let’s talk IT, whilst enjoying the views.