Neuways, an experienced cyber security firm, has developed a one-of-a-kind Cyber Security Rating Report tool to help businesses see how cyber secure their business is.

With this unique Rating Report, businesses with ambitious growth strategies can ensure that they are building on strong foundations.

Cyber criminals are opportunistic, and without the right cyber security solutions in place, businesses are at risk of indiscriminate cyber crime.

With this in mind, proactive cyber security firm Neuways has developed a complete Cyber Security Rating Report, giving local businesses the ability to see how their cyber security fares against industry best practices.

The idea for our Cyber Security Rating Report came from discussions with local businesses, who are always keen to see how safe their businesses are from the latest cyber crime activities.

We have deliberately made our Rating Report freely available so that as many businesses as possible can access their cyber security readiness. We want all organisations to see the extent to which their existing cyber security is leaving them vulnerable.

Neuways’ ethos is to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, which is what drove us to create our Rating Report. It gives businesses the confidence to make informed decisions about their cyber security, so they can protect themselves.

It is a resource that we are immensely proud of.” – Martin Roberts, Managing Director, Neuways

Neuways has released its Cyber Security Rating Report in the wake of the recent Hiscox 2019 Cyber Readiness Report, which revealed that 55% of UK businesses have suffered a cyber attack in the past 12 months, with the average cost of UK breaches increasing to £285,000.

The Rating Report delivers a score out of 100 and is accompanied with a breakdown of recommendations. This means that businesses can gain a clear insight into specific areas of improvement.

A low score represents significant risk, giving businesses the opportunity to take action, whereas a high score demonstrates that a business is better prepared for an imminent cyber attack. The report has been specifically designed to show how improvements can make a difference to a business’s cyber readiness. We encourage businesses to use our rating report as an ongoing measure of cyber readiness, checking their score as they make changes to their security.

Cyber security is an ongoing priority and must be addressed by every organisation. Neuways has made it possible to monitor your cyber rating regularly, as you would your credit score.

Try out the Neuways’ Cyber Security Rating Report now and see how cyber ready your business is!